A pedestrian is anyone who is traveling on foot. Pedestrians are required to cross the street only at a crosswalk, must stay on the sidewalks, and cannot walk in bike lanes or in the middle of the street. There are many unique aspects of St. Petersburg accidents, which is why if you suffered an injury, you should contact an experienced lawyer immediately. An accomplished attorney could guide you throughout the legal process and ensure that you get the compensation you deserve.

Pedestrian Accidents Difference from Auto Accidents

One of the unique aspects of pedestrian accidents in St. Petersburg is the injuries associated with the incident. Pedestrian accidents usually incur greater injuries than car wrecks, because there is nothing between the cars hitting the pedestrian’s body. There is no metal shield, airbags, glass windows, or anything else to take on the impact of the car besides the pedestrian’s body. Common injuries in pedestrian accidents include broken bones, torn ligaments, and other more severe injuries.

This is why it is essential to seek medical attention following a pedestrian accident as soon as possible and then contact a lawyer. An attorney can investigate the scene to see where the impact occurred, how the accident happened, and gather further evidence for the injured person’s claim.

Bicycle Accidents

With pedestrian accidents, it is often the pedestrian standing still or barely moving and then they come into contact with a vehicle that could be going 50 mph. Bicycles can travel five or 10 mph and come into collision with a vehicle traveling 50 miles an hour and that would greatly affect the impact and the harshness of the accident. Additionally, a bicyclist can be hit on the front tire, the back tire, or the side of the bike without having a car hit them, causing an injury. With a pedestrian accident, the only way that they have an accident is if a car makes contact with the person’s body.

If the bicyclist is off their bike, perhaps walking the bike across the street, walking it in the bike lane, or standing next to the bike on the side of the road, then they would be considered a pedestrian as opposed to a bicyclist.

Common Areas of Accidents

Downton St. Petersburg is by the beach, which means there are many pedestrians walking around. Downtown also has several bars that people like to walk to at night. Due to the heavy foot traffic in downtown, both drivers and pedestrians have to be extra cautious when in the area.

Weather and Age Impact

In St. Petersburg, the weather is usually nice all year round, which means many tourists come down for vacation. More people in a smaller area creates more pedestrian accidents. Another thing to consider about St. Petersburg is the high number of retirees who live in the area. Elderly people typically move at a slower pace, which means drivers must keep a close watch out for them.

For more information about the unique aspects of St. Petersburg pedestrian accidents, contact a well-trained lawyer today. An attorney can give you legal advice on your pedestrian accident and how to avoid further accidents in the future.

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