If a person is involved in a premises liability case, they should consult an experienced St. Petersburg premises liability attorney who understands the legal implications of these cases. The role of a St. Petersburg Premises liability lawyer is to gather evidence for your case. Normally there is a very short window of time for this, and most laymen do not understand the measurements and documentation need to be sent to preserve evidence.

Initial Consultation

The initial meeting with an attorney is generally going to involve telling them what the circumstances were surrounding their injury. This will include:

  • the time of day
  • the purpose of his or her visit
  • the reason the injury occurred
  • the extent of the damages and injuries that a person sustained.

People should avoid talking to anyone about the facts of the case until they have talked to a premises liability lawyer. This is because an individual never knows how even innocent statements can affect their case liability or even insurance coverage.

Hiring An Attorney

A person should do diligent research to make sure that the lawyer that they were consulting with has experience, education, and the ability to be able to prosecute a case of premises liability for them.

It is important to be very careful of lawyers that do not have either the proper training, the proper experience, or the financial resources to support the necessary costs that a premises liability case will incur. The role of your premises liability attorney in St. Petersburg is to offer the right training, experiences, and resources to be your guide and advocate throughout the trial.

Important to Know

People should recognize that there are very short windows of opportunity to gather evidence, and without sending the appropriate notices to the appropriate parties, a person risks not only losing evidence but also risks not having the benefit of certain coverages. The role of your attorney is to gather that evidence and preserve it in a manner that is best for your case.

They have to recognize that, because of our area, there are so many tourists that the business owners and the insurance companies are very well tuned to how to defend premises liability actions, and a person does not want the defense to have a better shot at preparing their case than a person does.

A lot of people think that just because they fell down, that means that someone is liable for them, and that is just not simply not the case. There are a lot of necessary elements that have to be proven, the most important being liability and knowledge on the part of the wrongdoer.

As a result of working with the right attorney, a person should expect a compensation consistent with the extent of their injuries and the amount of negligence shown by the premises owner or person controlling the premises.

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