If you were injured in a collision with a driver operating a commercial truck, you may be entitled to legal relief beyond that available for typical car accidents. Drivers of large trucks are held to higher safety standards than are drivers of ordinary vehicles, because trucks often cause more serious damage when involved in accidents.

If your injury was the result of carelessness, negligence, or reckless driving on the part of a truck driver, they may be legally liable for your injuries. In addition, depending on the circumstances of your accident, you may also be entitled to collect from the company that employed the truck driver.

A St. Petersburg truck accident lawyer can explain all the options for recovery available to you under the law, and will help you with all aspects of your claim so that you can collect from the parties responsible. To learn more or begin the steps toward recovery consult with an injury attorney in St. Petersburg today.

Filing a Truck Accident Claim

Trucking companies are required to abide by state and federal regulations in ensuring that their drivers act appropriately at all times to avoid accidents. These companies must carry specific types of insurance coverage, and often employ sophisticated insurance agents to quickly deal with any claims involving accidents caused by their drivers.

When filing a claim to recover for injuries resulting from a truck accident, it is vitally important that you understand all the laws that may apply to a determination of fault and assessment of the damages. Inexperienced plaintiffs are often taken advantage of during settlement negotiations with insurance companies.

If you believe the driver of the truck involved in your accident was acting negligently or recklessly, or was breaking the law in some other way, they may be personally liable for your injuries.

In addition, you may be able to bring a claim against the trucking company that employed driver at the time of the accident. Commercial trucking companies are legally responsible for the acts of their employees under certain circumstances. Because of this, large commercial transport companies often employ highly sophisticated lawyers to defend themselves from personal injury claims, making the assistance of a St. Petersburg truck accident attorney invaluable.

Florida Trucking Laws

In Florida, anyone operating a commercial or large truck is required to obtain a specialized driver’s license. Trucking companies are responsible for ensuring that their drivers have all the required licensing and training. A commercial driver’s license requires the truck driver to undergo special training and pass a more stringent test than a regular driver’s license.

This increased training and testing is required because large commercial trucks can cause more damage than typical vehicles when involved in accidents. Truck drivers are required to exercise due care at all times when operating their vehicles. If you believe the driver of the truck involved in your accident failed to meet these standards, they may be liable for your injuries.

Bringing a personal injury claim for a truck accident can be more complex than a claim for injuries resulting from a typical auto accident, because of the more stringent requirements commercial truckers must abide by.

In addition to the typical evidence required to bring a case, a truck accident claim will also require an examination of whether or not the truck and its cargo met all applicable vehicle safety guidelines and transportation rules, making the assistance of a truck accident attorney in St. Petersburg with experience in these types of cases especially important.

Special Considerations For Commercial Truck Drivers

Commercial drivers often experience extreme fatigue when working long hours, leading some to drive under the influence of medication, which increases the risk of serious accidents. Trucking companies may be liable for pushing their drivers to work longer hours than is safe.

If you believe that the driver of the truck involved in your accident failed to exercise the due care required by law, you should contact a truck accident attorney as soon as possible to ensure you do not miss out on the chance to bring your claim.

A thorough investigation of all the circumstances surrounding the accident should be conducted as soon as possible to determine what factors played a role in the accident, and to identify whether any other parties may have been partially at fault.

Comparative Fault

Because Florida is a comparative fault state, each party involved in an accident will be assigned some portion of fault by the court before damages are awarded. When determining your claim a judge will apportion fault among all the parties involved based on the evidence presented.

If you are found to be partially at fault for the accident, you may still recover for your injuries, although your award will be decreased in proportion to your share of the fault.

Even if you feel that you may have been partially at fault in causing your accident, you should not let this keep you from pursuing legal action, as you may still be able to recover a substantial portion of your damages.

However, because your total damages could be reduced as a result of the apportionment of fault, it is important to collect all the evidence necessary to show exactly what occurred at the time of the accident so you can ensure fault is not incorrectly assigned to you.

An experienced attorney who understands how the law assigns fault will be able to represent your interests and expertly argue on your behalf for a fair determination of fault.

Consult With An Attorney Today

A truck accident claim will typically require an in-depth investigation of the circumstances surrounding your accident, and you must move quickly to ensure that all the necessary evidence to support your case is collected and catalogued before it is lost. An experienced St. Petersburg truck accident lawyer will help you anticipate what evidence you will need.

Having legal assistance will allow you to negotiate confidently and make informed decisions regarding your case, knowing you have someone on your side who intimately understands all the laws relating to your claim.

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