With its enviable climate and scenic beauty, it is no surprise that Florida is home to a substantial number of bicycling enthusiasts.

As emphasized by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, bicycles offer a terrific alternative to traveling by car or bus and provide a wonderful way to stay active and take advantage of the great outdoors. However, that is not to say that cycling is free from risk, as each and every year there are a regrettable number of accident events that result in serious injuries and even worse.

The types of negligence responsible for bike crashes can take numerous forms, and it is important for victims to assert their right to receive fair compensation from all responsible parties. If you or a loved one have suffered in the aftermath of an event of this type, a Tampa accident lawyer with our firm can be your strongest ally in the fight for justice.

Dangers of Biking

According to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 2013 alone saw more than 900 bicyclists lose their lives and roughly 494,000 others suffer injuries serious enough to necessitate emergency room treatment due to accidents on the roads.

Further, the agency reports that young adults and adolescent Americans together with those 40 years old and above suffer the highest mortality rates due to bicycle crashes, with children, adolescents, and young adults (under 24 years old) experience the highest numbers of non-deadly cycling-related injuries.

Clearly, bicycle riding comes with real hazards, particularly when the negligence of other actors comes into play.

Typical Accident Scenarios

When contemplating bicycle accident scenarios, many think primarily of situations in which a vehicle operator fails to see a cyclist with whom he or she was sharing the road.

The fact is, however, that such a fact pattern is just one of many which happen on a regular basis, resulting in catastrophic harm. Other circumstances capable of producing lasting disability and sometimes even the death of bicycle riders include:

  • Failures of governmental bodies to remedy street defects or maintain roadways
  • Existence of road debris which has been negligently left in the path of cyclists
  • Incidents in which municipal buses, trains or emergency response vehicles collided with a cyclist
  • Collisions with other cyclists
  • Impacts with car doors negligently opened into oncoming cycle traffic
  • Dog chases resulting in cycle crashes

Clearly, the fact patterns involved in bicycle injury accidents are extraordinarily diverse, and enlisting the help of an experienced bike accident injury attorney in Tampa is often the best way to untangle issues of causation, establish liability and prove the true amount of losses sustained by victims.

Staggering Toll Taken by Bicycle Crashes

The immutable laws of physics ensure that an unfortunate number of accidents involving cyclists will cause very serious injury and sometimes even death. The harm suffered by bicycle accident victims can range from relatively minor in nature, as evidenced by cuts, bruises, and road rash, to profoundly disabling in nature.

Traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage, broken bones, nerve damage and lasting disfigurement can create decades of challenges for individuals and families alike. The CDC has suggested that each year, deadly and non-deadly bicycle crash injuries generate productivity losses and lifetime medical expenses well in excess of $10 billion.

Reasons to Pursue Legal Action

When serious harm is done to bicyclists due to the negligent acts and omissions of others, it is vital that justice and fair compensation be pursued. The massive, unanticipated financial burdens and other damages routinely suffered following such events can bring entire families to the brink of disaster, and that is why the law provides those individuals with the option to seek payment for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of employment wages
  • Reductions in future earning potential
  • Disfigurement
  • Lost enjoyment of life
  • Funeral costs
  • Financial support for surviving dependents

Because the time to pursue financial recovery through the courts is not unlimited, the sooner a bicycle accident victim consults with a knowledgeable injury attorney, the greater the chances of success in holding responsible individuals accountable.

Aggressive Advocacy for Your Bicycle Accident Case

Anyone who has sustained serious harm while pursuing their passion for cycling understands the pain, trauma, and frustration that inevitably results.

If you have been injured in a bicycle crash or are a surviving dependent of someone who has been killed in this manner, a Tampa bicycle accident attorney with our firm is committed to helping you obtain peace of mind, fair treatment under the law and the financial resources you deserve.

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