In a dog bite case, if a person does not own the dog who bit or is not responsible for the dog, then it is going to be difficult to prove liability. If there are multiple dogs, and the person does not know which one caused the injury that can also confuse liability. That is why evidence impacting liability in Tampa dog bite cases is so important. Contact an experienced attorney to learn more about what the evidence can look like.

What Happens When Plaintiff is Partially Liable

A person can be partially liable if they punched the dog, kicked the dog, or did something to the dog to create an adverse reaction. That may make the person liable for the injuries. But if they are just walking and they do not notice the dog or if they are around the dog, that does not really create any shared liability. If a person knows a dog, that should not affect liability either. Unless a person does something to attack the dog to create the reaction in self-defense, there is probably not going to be any comparative liability.

When Dogs Attack in Self-Defense

If there is some kind of video surveillance that shot somebody kicking a dog and then the dog bit them, then the owner of the dog may win but if there is a he-said-she-said situation, then a person does not know what side is going to win. It is about which side can prove their case or get more witnesses who have any surveillance about what happened that day. And there is a potential possibility that even if the injured party made contact with the dog first, the dog owner will still be liable for the injuries. Evidence impacting liability in a Tampa dog bite case is pivotal.

Other Ways to Establish Liability

Establishing liability is of the utmost importance in establishing the case. If a person cannot establish liability then, they will not collect the damages and will not be the prevailing party. Establishing liability happens pretty early on in the case as the dog owner will often admit the ownership. The basis for the argument will be what the damages are. The parties might both agree that the dog injured a person but they might not agree on how much the damages are, how much the settlement should be, et cetera. When establishing liability in a Tampa dog bite case, a person must gather as much information as possible from the incidents. Pictures and videos will help. Witness are also common.

How an Attorney Can Help

A Tampa dog bite lawyer can offer the legal insight you need to fight a case. Dog bites can result in serious and sometimes long-term injuries. Protect yourself by receiving financial compensation for your hardships. Attorneys have years of experience and know how the case process works. If you have further inquiries about evidence impacting liability in Tampa dog bite cases, contact a professional dog bite lawyer as soon as possible.

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