Have you ever noticed how easy insurance companies make it to pay your premiums? The payment transaction generally takes less than a minute – if it is not simply automated.

Have you ever noticed how difficult insurance companies can make it to receive valid insurance proceeds when you need them the most? Chances are that it will take a lot longer than a few minutes – and it is definitely not automated.

If you are dealing with a property insurance dispute which is proving difficult to resolve, contact an experienced Tampa insurance disputes lawyer to analyze the entirety of your insurance policy and determine what is covered and what is not covered. A dedicated attorney can help you to decide what your next best course of action, legal or otherwise, should be.

How to Resolve Florida Insurance Disputes

Insurance policies are simply contracts between insureds and insurers. These policies essentially transfer the risk of “something happening” from the insured to the insurer in exchange for insurance premiums. Insurance companies offer policies to a wide audience, including:

  • Homeowners’ insurance. Florida homeowners insurance generally covers any damage to a home, its contents, and the property where it is located. While every policy can be different, most property insurance policies cover damage due to fire, windstorms, hail, lightning, vandalism, and more. Homes which are near water often require separate flood insurance, but many insurers are leery to cover generic water damage from Florida hurricanes and Florida tropical storms.
  • Car insurance. Florida car insurance policies can cover various risks such as bodily injury, property damage (including damage due to hurricanes and tropical storms), collision, or provide comprehensive coverage. While coverage varies by individual or family, proving fault is generally a key factor in receiving insurance proceeds.
  • Medical coverage. Florida medical insurance policies can cover many things, including hospital and doctor visits, surgeries, prescription medications, and more. Again, medical coverage policies vary greatly, but generally cover medical treatment for injuries sustained during any accident – including weather events. Providing insurance companies with valid documentation of medical treatment is all it should take to get claims covered.

While insurance companies have a duty to treat their policyholders in good faith and deal with them fairly, that does not always happen. In some cases, insurance companies simply deny or delay valid insurance proceeds hoping that policyholders will become frustrated and walk away.

In others, Tampa insurance company attorneys use stronghold tactics to force unfair and inadequate insurance settlements.

Whatever the case, Floridians who are battling with their insurance companies have options including having an insurance disputes attorney review their policy to see what is covered and take a stand against insurance company claims adjusters and lawyers, filing a complaint with their state’s insurance commissioner, or pursuing a bad faith insurance practices lawsuit against the insurer.

There may be other avenues to explore and an experienced Tampa property insurance attorney can help policyholders determine what course of action makes sense.

Talk to a Tampa Insurance Disputes Attorney

Tampa residents who have not received insurance proceeds due them should seek the counsel of a Tampa insurance disputes lawyer to help them resolve the issue or file a bad faith insurance practices lawsuit against an insurer.

Simply stated, insureds who have paid their premiums on time and have suffered a valid loss according to the terms and conditions of their policy are entitled to receive the insurance proceeds the policy guarantees.

When they do not, it is time to seek the assistance of an attorney who can fight on their behalf. Find out how an insurance disputes attorney can help you.

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