If the Tampa motorcycle accident results in the death of the victim, then it is a wrongful death case as opposed just a regular negligence case.

Many times, in Tampa motorcycle accidents, the at-fault party will claim contributory negligence if the motorcycle driver was not wearing the right protective gear, whether it is a helmet, padding in their pants or in their vest, or anything like that, they can argue that that contributed to the injuries, which resulted in death. The contributory negligence is usually a bigger hurdle to get over in a motorcycle accident case than a car accident case and should, therefore, be handled only with the assistance of an experienced Tampa motorcycle accident lawyer. A knowledgeable motorcycle accident wrongful death lawyer in Tampa can build a claim to help maximize any potential damages you may be entitled to.

Helmet Laws

The helmet laws in Tampa are that if a person is over 21, a person does not have to wear a helmet as long as that person has at least $10,000 in medical benefits for injuries and if a person does not, then that person has to wear a helmet.

To better understand the helmet laws in Tampa, it is important to consult with a Tampa motorcycle accident wrongful death immediately.

Filing An Injury Claim

Usually, the plaintiff or the decedent party is the person driving the motorcycle, because motorcycle versus car accidents usually end worse for the people that are the driving the motorcycles, due to the fact that they do not have a metal box surrounding that person or protecting them from the elements.

Whether a person flies off the motorcycle, hits the street, or hits the windshield of the car, the damages and the injuries to the person driving the motorcycle are most commonly worse than the damages or injuries to the person that is driving the car. To bring forward a claim against an individual, a person should not hesitate before contacting a Tampa motorcycle accident wrongful death attorney.

Potential Damages

The damages sought by the survivors in a motorcycle wrongful death case are the loss of future income and future benefits by the decedent party. It is the loss of companionship, the grief that they go through, the loss of the relationship and the love that they had for the decedent party, as well as funeral costs and any other costs associated with the wrongful death that has occurred as a result of the motorcycle accident.

Such damages are critical to helping to make any individuals impacted by the wrongful death case whole again. These damages cannot replace the loss of a loved one, but such compensation can help an individual move forward with their lives. To begin building a claim and better understand the circumstances surrounding a wrongful death claim, an individual should be sure to hire a Tampa motorcycle accident wrongful death lawyer sooner rather than later.

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