Broken bones in Tampa pedestrian accidents can have serious consequences after a collision. Broken bones are a common cause of pedestrian accidents. When cars collide with people, there is not any protection, resulting in a lot of knee, joint, and wrist injuries as well as a lot of broken arms, legs, and ribs.

Dealing with the consequences of broken bones in Tampa pedestrian accidents can be stressful without a consultation from an experienced pedestrian accident lawyer. A Tampa pedestrian accident lawyer can review the facts of your case with you before pursuing a claim.

Following a Pedestrian Accident

Many times people experience neuropathy, which is the pain in the nerves in a particular area that has experienced trauma. Sometimes the pain associated with a shattered bone never goes away, because the nerve endings are also damaged.

Severity Bone Breakage

There are simple fractures, which are nothing more than a split but not a total break. There are simple fractures which are a clean break. There are compound fractures, which are multiple breakages. There are also spider fractures in which the bone splinters and almost explodes.

Broken bones in Tampa pedestrian accidents called spiral fractures are less common in pedestrian accidents. They are more common when a limb gets stuck somewhere. The bone breaks like a spiral and the fracture goes through the skin. There are also explosive fractures in which the bone is hit with such trauma that it literally blows out and you got the pieces.

Impact of Broken Bones

Broken bones in Tampa pedestrian accidents occur frequently as a result of a pedestrian accident. The impact to a pedestrian that occurs from a car striking the body is sufficient enough to cause traumatic injuries. The reality is when an individual is involved in a pedestrian versus car accident, the impact is significant. Unfortunately, a lot of the bone breaks are not simple fractures and bones are shattered. Sometimes it leaves people disabled.

If an individual uses their arms and legs during the course of employment, having broken bones limits their ability to work. They may experience lost wages or the loss of ability to earn because of the injuries sustained as a pedestrian. Broken bones, many times, cause a person, especially someone who uses their body for their work, to be incapable of bending, lifting, stooping, and doing the activities that are necessary for their work. Therefore, they are incapable of maintaining their employment. They lose their job just because they cannot do any work.

Significant Costs Associated with Broken Bones

Other than the medical bills, there are also significant costs involved in rehab care for broken bones in Tampa pedestrian accidents. Sometimes, an individual has to relearn how to walk, so physical therapy is involved. There are the costs incurred for the travel back and forth to medical appointments. There are also soft costs for durable medical goods, like gauze, casts, boots, walkers, and wheelchairs.

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