Safety and preventative measures in pedestrian accidents in Tampa may be critical to the outcome of your collision and your case if you have decided to file a claim for damages. Speaking with an experienced pedestrian accident lawyer can give you peace of mind when handling your pursuit of damages.

People should seek medical attention immediately after their accident because of the possible trauma to the bone and soft tissues of the body. An individual needs to have a doctor make sure that nothing internally is hemorrhaging. They need to follow their doctor’s recommendations for treatment, and they need to document or try to remember as many of the details about the accident as possible to convey to a lawyer.

Safety Precautions to Take

People should be conscious about the traffic around them. They should also make a conscious effort to cross at crosswalks and to ensure that there is no traffic coming their way when they cross the intersection. Sometimes cars cannot see someone if they are walking in dark clothes on a public street and people do not recognize that. They just presume because they are pedestrians, that they have the right of way and the cars are not going to hit them.

Drivers have to recognize that people are everywhere and they should be driving their motor vehicle in a manner that allows them to respect a person or child who comes through two parked vehicles. They should also be conscious that Tampa is a place that has a lot of tourist traffic. Often people are lost and they do not know where they are going. Safety and preventative measures in pedestrian accidents in Tampa include being conscious, not being aggressive as a driver and trying to overtake vehicles at intersections, and realizing that pedestrians are walking.

Pedestrians at Night

Pedestrians are more liable to be struck at night when visibility is low. The key is to try to cross where it is well-lit and try to avoid crossing at places where it is not designated for crosswalks. Following the traffic is important, especially at night. The same thing goes for drivers. Drivers need to be more conscious about the possibility that pedestrian traffic exists at night.

Information to Always Carry

Safety and preventative measures in pedestrian accidents in Tampa include being prepared to document an accident scene. It is not hard anymore because everyone carries a voice recorder and a camera with their cellphones. People should be prepared to take pictures of the corner and the vehicles.

If somebody is injured badly, the last thing on their mind is taking pictures. If somebody is with them, they have to make sure that other person documents the vehicles, the damage to the vehicle,  the lighting conditions, the lights, the intersection or crosswalk, and what happened as much as possible.

It is also best to be able to get the names of potential witnesses and their contact information, so an individual can communicate with them and so that a lawyer has a better chance of finding witnesses that may be able to substantiate the case.

Medical Information

An individual should have basic information about their medical disposition when taking safety and preventative measures to avoid pedestrian accidents in Tampa. If the person is allergic to something, they should wear a medical alert bracelet or carry some sort of information that allows first responders to know that they may be allergic to something.

Having a driver’s license, a card with a person’s blood type or basic biometrics, and an emergency contact is not a bad idea, because law enforcement and emergency responders are trained to search through people’s wallets for any information.

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