A premises liability attorney handles a range of liability cases, ranging from accidents involving slip and falls, trip and falls, Dram Shop cases, situations where someone was injured by the negligence of a commercial entity, as well even as some nursing home negligence cases. Premises liability can also occur at residential locations, such as a realtor showing a house, or individuals attending a garage sale. There is a wide variety of types of Tampa premises liability cases that liability lawyers in Tampa have experience with. If you are dealing with the repercussions following an accident, you should contact a skilled premises liability attorney right away to begin your case.

Common Cases

The most common types of premises liability cases in Tampa are slip and falls and trip and falls. This could be where somebody does not fix a leaky air conditioner and someone slips on that puddle or there is a floor mat flipped up that is not corrected for several hours and somebody trips and hurts themselves.

Premises liability tends to occur in grocery stores because of the amount of food and drinks that they have on the shelves. If something does spill, leak, or fall, that can cause someone to slip and fall or trip and fall. Some injuries occur in banks or other commercial locations as well as residential locations; a realtor showing a house; individuals at a garage sale; an individual walking on the premises for any reason and is injured; that could lead to a premises liability case in Tampa.

Case Considerations

Taking a slip and fall case depends on several criteria. It depends on the liability, so an attorney will take many considerations, including:

  • Did a person just trip over their own two feet or did someone else’s negligence cause the person to fall?
  • Did the injured person seek medical care and treat for these injuries?
  • Is the injured person going to be a reliable client and show up at meetings?
  • Will they show up for their treatment appointments in an effort to get better?

On occasion, people fake slip and falls which may make it harder to move forward on these types of Tampa premises liability cases. The difference between slip and fall cases and car accident cases is that in car accident cases, there is a certain amount of auto insurance coverage and personal injury protection that a person does not have in slip and fall cases. It is more of a risk for the lawyers and the doctors to handle slip and fall cases versus car accident cases.

Unique Cases

Unique types of Tampa premises liability cases are handled differently when they are a Dram Shop case or a nursing home negligence case, which have different rules. Regular slip and fall case where somebody slips and gets injured are handled the same. Each case is handled specifically, a commercial case or a residential case; wrongful death case or an injury case; nursing home case or Dram Shop case. Every case has its own specific circumstances, so depending on what circumstances brought about the slip and fall or the premises liability injury, that is what is going to dictate how the case is handled.

If there is no way to prove what a person slipped and fell on was negligently caused by someone else or something else, then it is going to be impossible to prove the slip and fall case. For instance, if someone fell and hurt their back but did not know what they tripped on, that would not be a viable case. The plaintiff has the burden to prove what it was that a person slipped and fell on. If they do not know, then an attorney could not prove what it was without videotape or some other sort of surveillance that usually does not show water on the floor or whatever it was that they slipped and fell on. These are important considerations to take when determining if this is a strong case in Tampa.

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