The grief that accompanies the loss of a loved can seem unbearable. When a death is caused by someone else’s negligence, carelessness, or recklessness, the grief is compounded by the senselessness of the loss. When someone is suffering immeasurable anguish, trying to handle the financial fall-out from the death can be overwhelming.

Medical expenses, burial expenses, and loss of income and benefits can make it seem impossible to cope. While no financial settlement or judgement award can bring back a loved one, the security it may provide can help alleviate one burden associated with the loss, allowing grieving family members to focus on each other during a difficult time.

A Tampa wrongful death attorney provides dependents and surviving family members facing an uncertain future with an advocate looking out for their best interests. To discuss your claim and learn of the benefits of an attorney, call and schedule a consultation with an injury attorney in Tampa today.

What is a Wrongful Death

A death that occurs as a result of someone else’s liability, or legal fault, is said to be a “wrongful death.” In a wrongful death claim, surviving dependents of the deceased may seek monetary compensation from the liable party or parties.

Wrongful death claims arise from negligence, recklessness, and even willful acts. Often, the death was caused by one of the following:

  • Motor vehicle accidents, including alcohol-related accidents, truck accidents, and transportation accidents
  • Medical malpractice, including misdiagnosis, emergency room errors, anesthesia malpractice, and surgical errors
  • Workplace accidents, including construction site accidents, inadequate safety protocols, poor property maintenance
  • Premises liability, including fall accidents, poor property maintenance, dangerous environment, failure to warn of hazards, swimming pool and spa accidents, amusement park accidents
  • Products liability, including dangerous toys, defective baby products, automobile manufacturing defects, product malfunctions

Failing to take reasonable safety precautions, failing to adhere to professionally recognized standards, and acting in disregard for the well-being of others can make someone liable for any resulting accident, injuries, or death. With the help of an wrongful death attorney in Tampa, grieving family members can hold liable parties financially responsible for the damage and suffering they have caused.

Determining Liability

Any person or entity whose negligence caused or contributed to the accident that claimed someone’s life may be held legally at fault, or liable, for the accident. With this in mind, a Tampa wrongful death attorney can assist in filing a claim against a number of different types of negligence including:

  • A reckless, impaired, or distracted driver who causes a fatal car accident
  • A physician, nurse, anesthesiologist, surgeon, or other medical professional who fails to practice medicine and a professionally recognized standard of care, resulting in patient death
  • An employer who provides employees with defective equipment or inadequately maintained machinery, who fails to provide appropriate and adequate safety gear, or who fails to maintain a safe environment for employees and customers
  • A business owner, property owner, or entity that fails to appropriately maintain the premises to eliminate unreasonable risk of harm, that fails to warn of hazards on the property, that does not install or maintain adequate safety measures (such as railings, surveillance systems, etc.)
  • A manufacturer, engineer, designer, or consumer products distributor that does not ensure quality controls in the manufacture and sale of a product, leading to dangerous product defects that result in consumer death

Benefit of An Attorney

If you and your family members are suffering the loss of a loved one, consult a Tampa wrongful death attorney to determine who may be liable for your grief and associated financial needs. Call today for a free consultation with an attorney in Tampa.

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