Compared with regular vehicles, most trucks and commercial vehicles and extremely large and heavy meaning that they can cause serious damage if involved in an accident. Often injuries are more severe as a result, and if a car is involved it is likely to be totaled.

Outside of the accident itself, truck accident claims are different from other auto accident claims in the amount of federal and state regulation that need to be taken into consideration. Truck drivers can be employees or independent contractors, but they are all limited in the number of hours they can work, and face certain requirements on the number of hours they must sleep, and how often they check in at a weighing station.

As a result of these differences and the amount of damage that can take place, it is imperative those impacted reach out to a Tampa truck accident lawyer to assist in filing a claim. An experienced injury attorney can assist from the very beginning in compiling evidence and walking the individual through each step of the legal process. To discuss your case or get started on filing your claim, call and schedule a consultation today. En Español.

First Steps to Take

In the case of an injury by a truck in Clearwater, an individual’s top priority should be to seek medical treatment. In Florida, an individual only has 14 days to seek initial medical treatment for their personal injury protection to be attached and obtained.

After medical attention is obtained, the next steps should be to get the driver’s identification and insurance information in addition to the information about the company that owns the truck, especially if the person is injured.

Next, a person should call a Tampa truck accident attorney to make sure that everything is in line with the insurance companies. They want to make sure that the at-fault driver and the insurance companies for the at-fault driver are not doing anything to hurt their best interest. They also want to make sure that their insurance company is on board and they are looking out for their best interest. A lawyer can help keep the case straight and be the middle man between a person and the insurance companies and keep track of all the medical records and medical bills that the person receives as they treat the injuries sustained in a trucking accident.

Financial Compensation

For a trucking accident in Tampa, a person can receive compensation from their personal injury protection insurance. They can also receive payment from the bodily injury coverage of the driver and the insurance of the company or the owner of the truck.

There are more sources of compensation in a trucking accident case if there is a different owner than the driver. If they are woefully under-insured, the person needs to make sure they have under-insured motorist insurance coverage because that is an additional source of remuneration they can pursue depending on the severity of their injuries. If unsure of the financial compesation that may be available an individual should consult with a truck accident lawyer in Tampa to discuss and learn more.

How a Lawyer Can Help

A Clearwater truck accident attorney can help someone involved in a truck accident by reducing the stress of dealing with the insurance companies following the accident. They can open all the claims for a person and keep the insurance adjusters up to date on medical treatment.

They can also keep track of all the person’s medical records and bills and submit everything to the insurance company. Therefore, the injured person does not have to speak to insurance employees when they have the representation of an attorney.

An attorney can also send letters to the insurance company directing them to contact them to facilitate the insurance claim. An experienced truck accident lawyer can argue on behalf of the injured person, and make sure that the insurance companies pay for all the medical bills the person received from the injuries sustained in the trucking accident caused by the driver or their company.

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