Nobody who has ever been in a serious crash with a truck is likely to deny the feelings of fear, bewilderment, and shock that immediately follow. The fact of the matter is, however, that the things that a victim does or does not do in the minutes, days and weeks afterward can be crucial in their chances of securing fair compensation.

An experienced injury attorney can help those affected by truck-related negligence understand the biggest mistakes to avoid in Tampa truck accident and fight for maximum recovery.

Failing to Collect Essential Evidence

Though it is easy to focus on little more than survival and recovery right after a serious truck accident, it is just as important for victims to start accumulating the documentary evidence necessary to optimize their potential compensation.

All too often, those who have suffered injuries neglect to take photos of the accident scene and any property damage, the road conditions at the time of the crash and other key pieces of the puzzle.

Another key error relates to a failure to secure the recollections of eyewitnesses and obtain their contact information. These mistakes can lead to large gaps in a claim for compensation, making it easier for an insurance carrier to deny payment.

Not Seeking and Undergoing Essential Medical Treatment

One of the biggest mistakes to avoid in Tampa truck accident is not seeking medical treatment. It is surprisingly common for those entangled in truck accidents to walk away from the scene feeling that the incident was relatively minor in nature and little harm was actually sustained.

However, serious injuries can, in fact, take time to manifest themselves, and that is why a failure to seek and obtain appropriate medical testing and treatment can be devastating to any subsequent claim for damages.

If there is no evidence of injury and subsequent medical expenses, an insurance carrier is highly unlikely to agree to any sort of payout.

Premature Engagement in Settlement Negotiations

No insurance carrier enters into discussions with a claimant intending to pay a significant sum unless there is no other option. Adjusters are motivated and incentivized to achieve a settlement at the lowest dollar figure possible. As such, injury victims are well-advised to delay engaging in discussions with a carrier until they have had a comprehensive case review by an experienced accident attorney.

A seasoned practitioner will have seen all of the insurance carrier’s tricks and strategies before, be able to head them off at the pass and keep the company honest in its determination of fair payment.

Avoiding the Pitfall of Early Signature on a Release

Most significant truck accidents have a way of sending a victim’s life into real chaos, leaving them with a series of painful and burdensome tasks to address, seemingly all at the same time. This is why many injured parties may be tempted to rush into a decision to sign a claim release in exchange for rapid receipt of a check.

Sadly, this course of action can leave substantial compensation on the table, because a release is a permanent forfeiture of the right to pursue additional claims with the company, and the true severity and value of an injury may not be apparent until much farther down the road.

Importance of Legal Representation

Accidents involving heavy trucks, serious injuries and mounting financial and emotional stress can bring entire families to their breaking point. Attempting to go it alone, relying on an insurance carrier or at-fault party to do the right thing and voluntarily provide an accurate level of compensation is often a fool’s errand.

By aligning with a Tampa injury attorney, victims can discover the biggest mistakes to avoid in Tampa truck accidents and come out victorious in the quest for what is right.

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