The main difference between a Tampa wrongful death case and a general personal injury case is dealing with the decedent and their estate. A person should consult with an attorney that either does the estate work themselves or an attorney that works for the specialist that will handle all of the estate work. An attorney should ensure that the estate is opened properly and that it is opened within the time limit that it needs to be opened.

There are many further elements that an individual must consider when hiring a Tampa wrongful death lawyer. It is extremely difficult to navigate this legal process alone, so an individual should not hesitate before contacting an attorney. There are many benefits that a Tampa wrongful death lawyer can bring to the case that an individual would otherwise not have.

Meeting Deadlines

If the decedent ends up dying within litigation, there is a time limit on how long a person can have to substitute the estate in the place of the decedent for litigation purposes. If a person is working with a general attorney that does not know those statutes and those rules, then sometimes a person can miss deadlines that are very important for their case.

Therefore, it is incredibly beneficial to have a Tampa wrongful death attorney that is comfortable dealing with the estate process, or has a lawyer that they work with that deals with the estate process.

Value of Compassion

It is very important to understand that, in a wrongful death case, a person is dealing with the family or friends of someone who has lost a loved one. It is not just somebody that is injured and is going to have surgery or somebody that will eventually get better or has the hope to get better.

These cases deal with somebody that has suffered a loss and their life will never be the same. No amount of money is going to change their life even though that is all a person can ask for in a wrongful death claim.

Therefore, it is a very touchy subject, dealing with the case and dealing with the family, because a person has to get them focused on what they need to prosecute the case while also being sensitive to the fact that they are still mourning a loss of their loved one. The benefit of an experienced Tampa wrongful death lawyer is that they will understand how to maintain the balance between compassion and hard work.

Attorney Compensation

For Tampa wrongful death cases, the fees are a percentage of the settlement. For some firms around the area and all over Florida, they can either be 25%, 33.3%, or 40%, depending on the case, depending on litigation, depending on what a person has to do, and depending on what the attorneys have to do throughout the case.

The fees in the case are simply a percentage of the settlement, and can depend on what kind of a case it is. An individual can benefit from the knowledge of a Tampa wrongful death lawyer to determine what that percentage may be.

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