As defined by Tampa law, in a wrongful death action, damages include medical expenses, past pain, and suffering, a consortium claim which includes derivative claims for spouses and children, the loss of the ability to earn, the loss of future earnings, funeral and burial costs, and the costs of the estate.

If you or your family are interested in filing for damages in a wrongful death action in Tampa, a compassionate wrongful death lawyer can help you build your case. A Tampa wrongful death lawyer can help you file a claim for damages towards an appropriate outcome for you and your family.

Common Types of Damages

Wrongful death actions can be only be raised by the executor of the estate that is appointed by the court. In most wrongful death cases, this will be a family member, but in cases where survivors cannot agree on the appropriate party or if there is no one to bring a claim, the courts can appoint an executor to seek damages.

Surviving loved ones of wrongful death victims may be able to recover pain and suffering of the deceased person up to the time of their death, as well as the loss of that person’s ability to earn, alienation of the deceased person’s affection, the loss of consortium, the costs of the estate, funeral expenses, and medical bills resulting from the accident.

Economic Damages

The loss of a loved one can result in economic damages, such as lost wages, lost ability to earn, and medical bills, which more easily determined than non-economic damages. Non-economic damages for wrongful death cases might include the loss of a person’s affection and the loss of the consortium of a party, such as the family’s ability to spend time with that person over the course of their life. In wrongful death actions, grief is an element encompassed within what attorneys and courts call alienation of affection, which is part of the consortium claims for the family of the deceased person seeking damages.

Loss of Future Income

In Tampa wrongful death cases, determining future income a very forensic decision. When preparing a wrongful death case, attorneys work with Tampa economists to determine how much economic life the deceased person had, including how long they would have been expected to work, and the income that they could have potentially generated. A knowledgeable lawyer will ensure that their client’s wrongful death claim for damages in Tampa includes a number of factors that many economists or forensic accountants may not initially add into the equation, such as the value of 401K contributions, raises, promotions, and bonuses.

Contacting an Attorney

A Tampa attorney understands the difficulty of losing a loved one under these circumstances. A wrongful death lawyer in Tampa will have the local knowledge of laws that is necessary to proceed ith your case for wrongful death damages in Tampa and they can help give you and your family peace of mind. A skilled lawyer will work with economists and other financial experts to project what an individual’s lost income would have been over the course of their work life and will help their client pursue fair compensation to cover it.

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