A person’s relationship with the decedent is the most important part when talking about the loss of companionship in a Tampa wrongful death case. Whether a person is a mother to a child that is deceased or whether a person is a child to a mother that is deceased, a person loses their everyday interaction with that person. Dynamics such as these are considered when determining the compensation available due to the loss of companionship in Tampa wrongful death cases.

Many of these dynamics are hard to scientifically factor as a number, but if a person can put the story together in front of a jury, they usually do a good job of putting a number on what that loss is for the family. This is because of a total change in family dynamics and the participation of a loved one that has passed away. An experienced Tampa wrongful death lawyer can help an individual receive any compensation they may be entitled to.

Defining Companionship

Companionship relies on more than just what the individual contributes income wise to the family. Companionship is really losing the relationship and the bond that a person has to that person, whether it is a person’s spouse that a person loved their entire life and has been married to or an individual’s child. That individual now has to learn how to live without that individual in their lives.

Whether it is a father, mother, or a child dealing with this loss, that loss of a relationship can have a major effect. That is why, a lot of times, psychologists or psychiatrists are used as experts to show what type of affect they can have on a child to lose a parent, for a parent to lose a child, or on a spouse to lose their loved one.

Expert Opinions

It is very important for the psychological experts to explain the damage that is caused by a wrongful death case because again, this is not a scientific number. This is a much more difficult thing to put a number on because it is more of an art than science.

An expert will have to determine how this loss affected the decedent’s loved ones and what kind of pain it is going to cause in the future. Sometimes, that can be psychiatric help. But other times, it is going to be the loss of a mentor, the loss of a loved one, or the loss of someone that a person can come home and vent to.

Those are all the elements and actions that an attorney wants to put in front of a jury. Determining the loss of companionship in Tampa wrongful death cases can be difficult, and a lawyer will want to show that these family members are no longer able to live normally without the decedent. They will ask the jury how a person puts a number on such compensation.

One of the main priorities as an attorney and expert is to build a picture of what a family loses when the wrongful death case occurred. Determining that loss of companionship in a Tampa wrongful death case can help an individual begin to recover from such an incident.

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