Property owners have a legal duty to protect those who enter their premises from preventable and unreasonable harm. Injuries due to slip and fall accidents can be dangerous and debilitating, sometimes creating the need for costly medical treatment and extensive recovery time.

For this reason, if a person has been injured from a slip and fall accident due to the negligence of the owner on whose property they fell, it is important that they contact a Tampa slip and fall lawyer who can help obtain the compensation deserved. Any slip and fall accident should be taken seriously, and an attorney can provide an injured person with the expert advice and assistance needed to obtain a fair settlement.

Making a Claim

Claiming legal compensation for injuries sustained from a slip and fall accident on an establishment’s private property can be difficult, as sufficient evidence is needed in order to show that the property owner was fully aware of the hazard, but did not take appropriate steps to remedy it.

This type of proof often comes from circumstantial evidence, which can be difficult to present persuasively in court. A Tampa slip and fall attorney can be well-versed in Tampa’s personal injury laws, which will be a tremendous asset in helping substantiate the claim.

Furthermore, in the process of some slip and fall cases, such as those that occur in grocery or department stores, the injured person may be taking on large corporations with access to prime legal resources. It is important to obtain the assistance of a lawyer who has experience dealing with these large corporate entities and knows how to choose the right evidence to establish their liability.

Florida Laws

In order to prove negligence on the part of the property owner and hold them liable for sustained injuries, the State of Florida indicates that the injured person must prove constructive knowledge.

Under Florida Statute 768.0755, constructive knowledge means that the dangerous condition either existed for such a length of time that the establishment should have known about it, or that the condition was foreseeable because it occurred regularly. An experienced slip and fall lawyer in Tampa can present the right evident to prove constructive knowledge.

Another important aspect in bringing a slip and fall injury claim under Florida state law is comparative negligence, which means all parties that could be liable for damages must be included as defendants in the case. This ensures that the settlement is divided equally according to responsibility since there could be multiple different parties responsible, depending on the building’s ownership.

Contacting an Attorney

If injuries have been sustained from a slip and fall accident due to the negligence of a private property owner, the injured party could be entitled to a legal settlement.

A Tampa slip and fall attorney can discuss with the injured person the details of the incident and how to best proceed with the case. They can also help a person pursue the claim effectively and ensure that deserved compensation is received.

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