Slip and fall cases in Tampa are unique in that they have notice requirements that other personal injury cases do not. If a person is walking, spills their own water and slips on it, for example, they did not have notice enough to clean that water up before they fell, so they cannot be liable for it.

Many times, in slip and fall cases, a person just has to prove that the owner or controller of the property knew or should have known of this dangerous condition and they failed to remedy that condition before the injured party slipped and fell.

However, when pursuing a slip and fall case in Tampa, there are many mistakes to avoid. To be aware of such mistakes, it is pertinent that an individual consults with an experienced Tampa slip and fall attorney as soon as possible.

Elements of the Case

Many times, people are unaware that it is the duty of the owner or controller of the property to maintain the space in a reasonably safe manner.

Some people may think just because it is raining outside, the floors should be wet, when in reality, the owner or controller of the property has a duty to keep the floor either as dry as possible or to have signs to remind people that the floor is slippery. Some individuals do not know how high the duty of the store owner or store controller is in these types of situations.

Documenting and Reporting an Accident

There are many mistakes that an individual must avoid while in the midst of a Tampa slip and fall claim. A lot of times, people do not look at where they slipped and fell. If a person does not know what they slipped on, then it can be very difficult to prove the case. Taking a picture or having a witness there to confirm what happened is important.

The second common mistake individuals often make during Tampa slip and fall cases is that they do not make an incident report with the place that they slipped and fell. If it is a restaurant or grocery store, they have procedures in place if a person slips and falls. However, a person must still file an incident report.

Medical Attention

Another common mistake that is made during Tampa slip and fall cases is the person does not treat their injuries immediately. If a person is injured when they slip and fall, it is important to seek immediate medical treatment, because it is then documented. Whatever pains and aches a person has can be corrected properly with the proper medical treatment and documentation. Following up on necessary medical treatment is also an important step to take in a slip and fall case.


Contacting an Attorney Late

A final mistake that an individual may make in the course of their Tampa slip and fall case is that they do not hire a lawyer immediately. Many times in slip and fall cases, a person has an adjuster or representative of the restaurant or the grocery store that they were injured contact them and try to either settle the case or talk them out of filing a lawsuit in the case.

If an individual does not have a lawyer protecting their rights at that time, they may miss out on something that is their right in the slip and fall case.

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