Slip and fall incidents tend to occur when property owners or business owners neglect to maintain a safe environment. These property owners and business owners are required by law to maintain premises that are generally free and clear or any hazards that can cause harm to others. The property must also comply with any local codes or zoning regulations.

If you or a loved one was involved in a slip and fall incident, do not hesitate to contact a Tarpon Springs slip and fall lawyer right away. A skilled injury lawyer can advise you of all your legal options and discuss next possible steps.

Proving Negligence

The legal standard applied to slip and fall cases in Tarpon Springs is negligence. A court will look to see whether the owner of the property acted as a reasonable property owner would under the same or similar circumstances.

In some instances, a property owner may be liable for damages sustained on their property without negligence. This occurs if their practices are found to be in violation of some local ordinance or state statute.

Steps To Take After a Slip and Fall Injury

  • Call 911– Hopefully, the injured person will be able to get up and walk away from the incident without too much pain. If the harm is severe, call 911 immediately or yell for help
  • Document the accident – If the victim is able to get up after the fall, it is critical that they identify the cause of the slip and document it accordingly with pictures or videos. The higher resolution of these images/videos, the better. No detail is too insignificant
  • Document any injuries – Take high-resolution pictures. Include timestamps if possible. Videos are great too. Anything that demonstrates physical harm suffered will be helpful
  • Talk to the landlord or business owner – Someone will need to speak with the person in charge for maintaining the property. They should not discuss fault, simply inform the individual that they have been involved in an accident on their property and that ask them for their contact information as well as any insurance details
  • Get legal assistance – Contacting an experienced Tarpon Springs slip and fall attorney almost immediately after the injury will help tremendously. An attorney will be able to inspect the scene and determine whether their client has a valid slip and fall claim and this allows for the maximum amount of time to build a case and gather evidence
  • Keep medical bills – Perhaps the best way to demonstrate actual damages suffered is via medical bills or other expenses that may have been incurred as a result of the injury. If an individual suffers from PTSD, then they may want to see a psychologist. Keep all bills organized

Contacting a Tarpon Springs Slip and Fall Attorney

Slip and fall cases can be tricky because they can potentially implicate several areas of the law. An experienced Tarpon Springs slip and fall lawyer can advise a client as to whether they have a case and their likelihood of winning the case. They can handle personal injury cases for clients in Tarpon Springs and the surrounding areas but can represent clients anywhere in Florida. Call a Tarpon Springs slip and fall attorney to discuss your slip and fall claim.

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