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Our founder, George E. Tragos, finished his work at the United States Attorney's office and the Department of Justice in March of 1985. It was at that time he knew that his passion was to protect, defend and fight for the rights of those in need. This firm was the fulfillment of that passion.

We do everything ethically possible to provide the best results for our clients by mixing our legal experience and expertise with cutting edge technology and an eye toward the future. When push comes to shove, you want us on your side.

  • I loved working with Peter Sartes! He was very thorough, ingenious, compassionate and treated me like I was his most important client even though it was just a small personal injury case. I would go back to him for any legal issues if it is in his field! Thanks Peter, you’re the best!! - Laura E.

  • I highly recommend the Law Offices of Tragos & Sartes! They are extremely knowledgeable and explained everything to me in terminology that was easy to understand. They are friendly, personable, and comforting. They also demonstrate the highest degree of integrity! - Ronda K.

  • This law firm is stellar! When I got into my car accident, they took care of everything, including my car. They didn’t waste any time guiding me through the process and helping me find a great doctor to see me. They continually updated me without any prompting on my part, and above all, I was incredibly pleased with my settlement. Don’t hesitate to call Tragos, Sartes, & Tragos right away! - Timothy B.

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$5,000,000traumatic brain injury from car accident
$2,600,000Federal civil lawsuit
$750,0003 Car Pile Up
$730,000Parking Lot Accident
$550,000Truck Accident
$450,000Car Accident

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Whether your case requires settling or litigating, our attorneys will fight for you.

Have you been injured in an accident? Do you struggle with financial burdens because of property damage? At the Law Offices of Tragos, Sartes & Tragos, our Clearwater personal injury lawyers understand that your situation and your difficulties are unique, and you deserve to have a legal team who takes a personalized approach to your case to help you reach a positive result.

Our Clearwater injury attorneys seek to protect our clients’ rights and ease their financial burdens. Filing a successful personal injury case is not as easy as it may seem. In any personal injury case, a variety of factors come into play. In some situations, even determining who to name as a defendant in your injury case can be difficult.

Practice Areas


Determining liability and damages to establish your case

Whether the injuries you suffered were caused by a negligent medical professional, hazardous work condition, or careless driver, you may be able to hold the negligent party responsible. To successfully recover maximum compensation, you will have to prove that another party was negligent, or reckless, in their actions. To establish negligence, you must collect as much evidence about the accident as possible and effectively present your case.

An action must meet four criteria in order to be considered legally negligent. These criteria are:
  • Individual A owed individual B a duty of care
  • Individual A failed to uphold this duty
  • As a result of individual A’s failure, individual B suffered an injury
  • The injury individual B suffered was a foreseeable consequence of individual A’s action

When all four criteria are met, an individual has proven that negligence occurred. When negligence is proven, the individual may be entitled to financial compensation from the individual or entity that committed the negligent action in question.

When people suffer a personal injury, they likely deserve to file a claim and receive some damages. When people file a personal injury claim with their insurance company, the insurance company follows certain steps to determine how much the claim is worth.

Our personal injury lawyers in Clearwater can help you decide on the right course of action, whether pursuing a personal injury claim in or out of court. We know how to craft a winning claim. We will pursue the best possible outcome for you.

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After an accident or injury, you probably have lots of questions about how the process works and who to ask for help. You might also wonder: How will I get my car fixed? What will my insurance cover? Was this a case of negligence? What legal rights do I have and should I take legal action? These are important questions, but it can be difficult to find clear answers. That’s why we've made finding the right answers easy! Check out our blogpodcastknowledge center or video center for helpful information — and be sure to follow us on social media to stay updated.

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We take the time needed to fully understand and evaluate your case. Our goal is to give you all the information we can to help you make the best decision for you and your family, not to give you empty promises or make you sign a contract.

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When you sign with us, an experienced attorney is assigned to your case from the very beginning. We’ll determine the full extent of your injury, and contact the insurance company or the other party’s lawyer to get the process moving.

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Investigate & Negotiate

After a thorough investigation, our attorneys will negotiate for you to secure an agreeable insurance payout or settlement. We’ll always keep you informed of the offers. If you’re satisfied with the amount, then your case is settled.

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Go To Court

If the settlement offer is unfair or the insurance company is trying to “low-ball” you, we will take them to court by filing a lawsuit on your behalf. Our aggressive litigators have the experience and expertise needed to build a strong case.

How Our Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help

Personal injury cases can be very detailed and complicated, which makes it difficult for people to handle these cases on their own without assistance from a legal representative. If you have suffered a serious injury because of someone else’s negligent actions, you need to take legal action to pursue financial compensation. Additionally, although you can file a lawsuit on your own, you need an attorney to help you with every part of your case.

Many people believe they only need an attorney if their case goes to court. This is not true. In fact, a personal injury lawyer in Clearwater can help you through every step of your claim, which can benefit you in the following ways:

  • Ensure that you file your claim before the statute of limitations expires
  • Make sure you file all documents on time
  • Fight for the appropriate amount of compensation you need
  • Save you time by working on your case while you focus on recovery

A dedicated personal injury lawyer in Clearwater can stand up for your rights following a personal injury accident, allowing you to fight for the financial compensation you deserve.


Statue of Limitations in Clearwater

The amount of time you have to file your Clearwater personal injury claim depends on the statute of limitations of state you live in as well as the type of lawsuit you pursue. In the state of Florida, the statute of limitations gives the following restrictions for how long a person has to file a claim:

  • Personal injury cases – within four years of the accident
  • Wrongful death – within two years of your loved one’s death
  • Defective products – within four years of the date of the injury
  • Medical malpractice – within two years of the action that caused the injury or when the injury was discovered

Speaking with Insurance Companies

While most people seem to know to call a lawyer before they speak to law enforcement, many forget that they also need to call a lawyer before speaking to an insurance adjuster or providing a recorded statement.

Many victims in a personal injury incident in Clearwater have already given a recorded statement to an insurance company before hiring an attorney. They thought they were required to provide this statement immediately. Many adjusters call and coerce victims into providing a recorded statement, which they only plan to use against them later in the case. Recorded statements are just one of many ways adjusters take advantage of these victims who do not know any better. They believe that they are just telling their side of the story and months later are surprised when these statements are used against them.