Holiday Safe Driving Tips

Holiday Safe Driving Tips

For millions of Americans all across the country, the holiday season – starting just around Thanksgiving and ending after New Year’s Day – also means driving season. Few things can be as fun as visiting distant friends and family, or packing up for a road trip. However, all of those additional motorists on the road and all of those extra miles under your tires can lead to unexpected trouble if you are not fully prepared.

Keep these helpful holiday safe driving tips in mind to help keep you and your family out of trouble:

  • Necessary maintenance: Before you head out on the highway, get your car serviced to check for any problems. This is especially true if you are going to another state with a different climate. For example, if you are leaving temperate Florida for a winter in the snow, you might want to ensure your vehicle can handle it, and maybe pick up some tire chains.
  • Maps and routes: Knowing your route ahead of time is sure to save you plenty of headaches. You can even plan to avoid heavy traffic areas to decrease your chance of getting in a car accident. Pack a paper map, too – you never know when your GPS is going to lose its satellite connection and leave you lost.
  • Regular breaks: You might want to make the best time possible to your destination, but you should not let that put you and others in jeopardy due to exhaustion. It is recommended that you stop briefly every two hours or so, just to give your eyes a rest and perhaps have a snack.
  • Secured cargo: If you are bringing so much luggage that it needs to be secured to the roof or bed of your vehicle, double-check it for stability every time you start on the road again. You should also store anything valuable – such as a laptop or mobile device – out of sight to give dishonest thieves nothing to think about.
  • Constant communication: If you know someone at your destination, tell them when you are leaving for your trip, where you will be driving, and when you expect to arrive. Send them a text during your stops with updates on your location. In case something happens and you cannot ask for help yourself, they may be able to direct responders towards you. This is extremely helpful if your vacation takes you through remote areas.

Professional Legal Counsel Whenever You Need It

Even the most prepared of holiday drivers can still run into trouble out on the roads. Reckless motorists around you or poor roadway conditions could cause you to experience a dangerous car accident that is outside of your control. Should this happen to you, know that our Clearwater personal injury attorneys at the Law Offices of Tragos, Sartes & Tragos are here to help you. We take pride in offering both contingency fees and free case evaluations, which can be used together to retain our services for nothing upfront and nothing out of pocket. Call727.219.9736 today for more information.

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