How to Avoid The Accident

How to Avoid The Accident
  1. Be Aware. First and foremost, be aware of your surroundings. Always scan your mirrors and be cautious of the person behind you. If someone is tailgating you, your best bet is to leave more space between you and the vehicle in front of you to avoid being trapped in between two vehicles.
  2. Be a Courteous Driver. You don’t know what is going through the mind of that person driving erratically. The best thing to do is to be courteous. If they’re trying to get over let them in. this way you avoid the results of rage, indifference, intoxication and just plain crazy.
  3. Drive Your Own Drive. In the motorcycle world they say ride your own ride. It applies to the automobile world too. Drive your own drive. Don’t worry about how fast the people are going around you. Don’t worry about how fast your passenger wants you to go. Only drive as quickly as you are comfortable in your surroundings. Obey speed limits. Most people don’t recognize that going 10 miles per hour faster only saves you 10 minutes at 60 miles per hour for every hour you drive. Is it really worth it?
  4. Car Maintenance. It’s important. Making sure your tires are properly inflated and that your brakes are serviceable is just as important as putting gas in the car. Those extra few feet of stopping distance are controlled by the traction in your tires and the grip that your brake can apply. Therefore, keeping your vehicle maintained will also help to keep you safe.
  5. Be Mindful of Your Mood. Obviously, I don’t need to talk about impaired driving or texting and driving because you hear it every day; but do you know how your reaction time is effected when you are tired? How about when you’re aggravated? Studies show that people that drive tired, or that have something weighing heavily on their mind show reaction times just as slow as those that are impaired by alcohol or drugs. Sometimes you just need a moment to gather yourself before you get behind the wheel.

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