Tips for Driving into the Sun in Clearwater

Whenever someone drives early in the morning or late in the evening, they run the risk of having to drive with the sun in their eyes. Driving eastward in the morning or westward at night, the brightness of the sun can make visibility difficult and is the cause of many accidents. However, by following a few tips for driving into the sun in Clearwater, drivers can limit the effect that the sun will have on their drive. An experienced car accident lawyer can help you ensure a safe drive for you and your passengers.

Polarized Lenses

One simple thing someone can do is to invest in a pair of sunglasses with polarized lenses. Polarized lenses work by filtering a type of harsh light that comes about when light is reflected. This can be especially strong in heavy traffic, as car roofs and mirrors can reflect light at a heavy rate. Polarized lenses will reduce overall glare and can even provide a sharper image when looking at speedometers and gas gauges in strong light. The lenses may be a little expensive but can be cut into the shape of an existing prescription at any eyeglass store.

Avoid Tailgating

Another thing that a driver should do in heavy sunlight is avoid tailgating. With the limited visibility that they will have due to glare, it may take a driver a bit longer to see and process what traffic in front of them is doing. Because of this, reaction times can be reduced. By both reducing speed and keeping a longer distance from the car in front of them, a driver can avoid many dangerous situations and accidents.

Use Headlights

Turning on headlights can be an unorthodox fix to the problem. If a person is driving with the sun to their back, the drivers coming towards them will be blinded by the sun. If that person turns their lights on, oncoming drivers will have an easier time seeing them and orienting themselves to the road.

Clean the Windshield

Another great way to increase visibility is to ensure that the windshield is clean and defect-free. Glares caused by dirt and imperfections in the glass are made much worse when subjected to harsh sunlight. By following these few steps, drivers can both increase their ability to see during dawn or twilight hours and their visibility in the eyes of other drivers. Both things will decrease the chance of getting into a sun-related accident. An attorney can help those who have gotten into accidents from driving into the sun and expand on tips for driving into the sun in Clearwater to help avoid car accidents in the future.

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