Attorney George Tragos Helps Educate Kids About Litigation Basics

Laws and litigation are one of the most crucial cornerstones in our country and society. To teach this importance to young children who may someday grow up to the best lawyers in the world, Attorney George Tragos of the Law Offices of Tragos, Sartes & Tragos volunteered to team up with the Clearwater Bar Association in an interesting project. Traveling between local elementary schools, Attorney Tragos spoke to children about litigation in a fun yet educational seminar based on the prosecution of Goldie Locks from The Three Bears fame.

In the age-old nursery rhyme of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Goldilocks – playfully named Goldie Locks in this project – causes a great deal of harm to the Three Bears’ livelihood. She breaks into their home, violates their privacy by tampering with their private living quarters, and steals their porridge. From a litigator’s perspective, the bedtime story is much more complicated than it lets on.

Attorney Tragos explained that a criminal defense lawyer would be tasked with protecting Goldie Locks from the law’s penalties, affirming that the prosecution would have to prove that she committed those acts. From the angle of a civil attorney handling injury cases, the Three Bears could be plaintiffs suing for damages; what is the value of the stolen goods and the destruction of their sanctity? It is an injury lawyer’s job to find out and hold the defendant, Goldie Locks, accountable.

The Clearwater Bar Association’s project was a resounding success, proving to be educational for the children and a great time for all involved. To learn more about how our firm helps out local communities, be sure to check out our list of charitable contributions. Of course, if you have an injury case you need to file, you are encouraged to call our Clearwater personal injury attorneys at 727.219.9736 anytime.

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