George E. Tragos Speaks at Golburg-Cacciatore Inns of Court About National Security Issues

Attorney George E. Tragos, a board-certified trial law attorney from our firm was asked to attend a meeting at the prestigious Goldburg-Cacciatore American Inns of Court in Tampa in regard to national security issues and concerns about undercover agents.

The American Inns of Court is an association comprised of lawyers, judges, and other legal professionals of a high caliber of excellence. Although meetings are held regularly throughout the country, membership is difficult to obtain, and guest speakers take the opportunity as an honor and a high compliment.

As someone who has had more than 30 years of experience in the legal field, Attorney Tragos is substantially qualified to speak on the topic of national security. He knows that as technology advances and we continue on in this cyber age, privacy on a national level may be jeopardized at any time and from any number of sources, including undercover agents.Everyone involved in the court system, from the attorneys representing individuals to Supreme Court officials, must be able to comprehend privacy laws in order to protect this entity.

Attorney Tragos is dedicated to handling the concerns of individuals who have suffered personal injuries. He gives his clients the legal guidance they deserve, no matter what size of case it is. In each case he handles, Attorney Tragos displays excellence in the courtroom and throughout all other aspects of the case.

If you are interested in retaining the seasoned and respected attorney George E. Tragos for your personal injury matter, we invite you to meet with us. Whether you are handling a loved one’s wrongful death case or have suffered injury in a slip and fall, we encourage you to contact the firm at your earliest convenience.

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