One Less Item on my Bucket List

One Less Item on my Bucket List

By George Tragos

On May 19 through 21, 2017, I had the opportunity to play at famed Pebble Beach Golf Course. Anyone familiar with golf knows that is an iconic location. It is absolutely breathtaking in its use of the coastline. You play along steep cliffs with ocean spray and wind adding to the difficulty. But it is also a place where you are overcome by the history, difficulty, and beauty.

This was a trip organized by Focus on the Family. A group of donors were invited to participate in a three-day event to play at Pebble Beach, Spy Glass and The Preserve. It was a time of fellowship and spiritual support. Although the vast majority of players were men, there were women playing as well. The participants came from all parts of the country with different backgrounds and professions.

Did I play well? No. Was Pebble Beach intimidating? Absolutely. The steep ravines and the long carries for a high handicapper like me were definitely intimidating. Of the three days I had my worst score at Pebble Beach. Surprisingly, my best score was at Spy Glass which is considered the most difficult of the

three. On the first day at Spy Glass my team came in first place, certainly helped by my handicap. Like any bucket

list item, it is the sheer thrill of doing it that makes it all worthwhile. We all have our bucket list and we all know that feeling.

I have played at Pinehurst 2 and Pinehurst 4, but my last bucket list course in this country is Augusta National. Unfortunately, from what I hear, the odds of my playing Augusta National are slim and none. So I’ll be satisfied to play Pebble Beach. Maybe someday soon I’ll be able to go to Ireland and Scotland and check off more from my bucket list.

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