Clearwater Road Hazards

If you have ever lived near a construction site, you might be familiar with the effects they can have on driving conditions. Many flats are caused by nails and other sharp pieces of metal that come free from construction sites and have been scattered in the road. Although a flat tire can be expensive and a major annoyance, it’s usually far from the worst result of a construction-related road hazard.

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Impact of Hazards

During highway construction, any sharp debris left on the roadway can prove to be much more disastrous. A tire which has been punctured at high speed is more likely to come apart, causing the driver to lose control and sometimes causing damage to the car. In some cases, the driver’s loss of control results in an accident. Even low-speed accidents on city streets can result in fatalities, but the effects of an out-of-control vehicle on a busy highway can affect many people.

Responsibility of Construction Companies

Construction companies have a responsibility to look out for the well being of the community. Even if it may not be possible to account for every single nail that gets used in the course of construction, cleanup of a site near a roadway should be especially careful to avoid leaving hazardous objects in the road. The possible consequences of a sudden blowout are too serious to ignore.

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