Peter Tragos Appointed to the Traffic Court Rules Committee

Attorney Peter Tragos has received the opportunity to serve on the Traffic Court Rules Committee. He has been appointed by the Florida Bar to serve a term from July 1, 2015 until June 30, 2018. The committee’s responsibility is to carry out the agenda of Rule 2.140, which is Florida Rules of Administration. In service to the Traffic Court Rules Committee, Attorney Tragos will oversee the following elements of Florida Rules of Court Procedure:

  • Proposed Court Rule Amendments
  • Guidelines for Rules Submissions
  • Rules of Court Procedure Opinions

As an appointed member, Attorney Tragos will be expected to attend several major meetings over the course of the year at various convention centers. In addition, he and his family are invited to the Florida Bar’s Annual Convention. This is a four day event that brings together the members of each committee to discuss the events of the upcoming year.

Trusted Representation from Attorney Peter Tragos

If there was just one attribute that distinguished Attorney Peter Tragos from all other lawyers, it would be his unfailing commitment to the law. He is constantly looking for ways to improve as a lawyer and push past any barriers that would prevent him from providing the highest level of service to clients. Membership to the Traffic Court Rules Committee is a display of his willingness to go above and beyond in his service to the Florida Bar.

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