The Dangers of Roller Coasters

Every year, millions of Americans visit Florida for the family-friendly theme parks. There are few things more distinctly American than the rush of roller coasters, the calliope of carousels, and the smell of carnival food. For many families, loading everyone into the minivan and visiting a theme park is the quintessential summer experience.

Unfortunately, roller coasters can also be quite dangerous. They are fast-moving, high-altitude rides with the potential to cause serious injuries. According to a 2005 study, there were 15,000 amusement park-related injuries reported in the United States. While these injuries are relatively rare, it is still important for you to know the potential dangers before you take your family to an amusement park.

One of the most common causes for amusement ride injury is negligence on the part of either the ride’s operator or the theme park’s management. If an operator fails to follow the ride’s safety instructions or cuts corners which leads to your injury, that operator is guilty of negligence. If the ride malfunctions because it has not been properly cared for, then the park’s management is guilty of negligence.

However, injuries are also commonly incurred by amusement park guests who refuse to follow safety instructions and put themselves at risk. Make sure that you follow all safety instructions to ensure that you aren’t putting yourself in danger of being injured.

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