Recognizing that motorcycles are inherently dangerous by nature is the first of many preventative measures that motorcyclists in Clearwater can take to help lessen the their chances of being involved in an accident. Anything a rider can do to minimize their exposure to injury helps future safety. Prevention can be as simple as helmet, defensive driving courses, body armor, leathers, leaving short cleared distances between vehicles. An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer has seen some navigate escape routes in order to maneuver emergency stops. Before getting on the bike, it is important to ensure the motorcycle is maintained properly and in working condition.

Role of Hand Signals

Most motorcycles today are equipped with turn signal indicators. It is preferable that a person uses those lighted signals. Some motorcycles on the road still do not have those and therefore, the person has to use hand and arm signals. The problem is most non-motorcycle people today do not know what those hand and arm signals are. Drivers should be sure the individual has communicated their intentions for all drivers behind them.

Preventative measures in Clearwater motorcycle accidents include planning signals. A motorcyclist cannot always dedicate themselves to hand or arm signals, because their right hand has the throttle controls. The problem someone faces when they remove their hand from the handle bars is no longer having a hand on the clutch. Every time someone takes a hand off of the handle bar, it increases the risk associated with operating the motorcycle.

Driving Precautions

As an automobile driver, it is important to recognize that motorcycles are everywhere. It is important to look for cars as preventative measures in Clearwater motorcycle accident cases. However, they should also confirm there is not another motorcyclist potentially in their blind spot. A lot of people try to cut people off, especially motorcyclists.

Sometimes people cannot stop as quickly as you force them to when a person takes up their safety space. In addition, they motorcycles do not have protections around them and therefore, they are more susceptible to injuries. The most minor fender bumps between cars may be a catastrophic event for motorcyclists. A lot of motorcycle fatalities and traumatic injuries can be avoided by wearing the appropriate safety equipment, including a helmet.

Impact of Engine Size

Motorcycles are just like cars in that different vehicles perform differently. The larger a person’s horse power, the more power a person’s engine and the faster the person can take off. The different types of motorcycles have different properties. Sport bikes have a tendency to stop and maneuver faster than cruisers. Knowing the type of motorcycle a person has and having experience operating the particular size of motorcycle the person has is a big deal in recognizing that motorcycles of different styles need to be ridden differently.

How a Lawyer can Help

Misconceptions for preventative measures in Clearwater motorcycle accidents are typically about awareness. There are a lot of campaigns in Florida trying to promote motorcycle awareness and safety. The reality is that there are a lot of people in the area on a regular basis that are not from the area. Getting used to driving my motorcyclists can be an adjustment for some. Any who find themselves in a motorcycle accident, should contact an experienced personal injury lawyer. 

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