A pedestrian is an individual on foot. Pedestrian accidents happen in Clearwater when pedestrians fail to cross at a crosswalk or when automobiles fail to yield when turning to pedestrians that are rightfully in a crosswalk. There are various pedestrian accident causes in Clearwater.

In Florida, pedestrians are obligated to cross at crosswalks to avoid moving in traffic. Even though pedestrians have the right of way, a lot of people do not recognize that jaywalking is unlawful in Florida. A person is still obligated to follow rules when crossing intersections or streets. Pedestrian accidents are far more traumatic than car accidents. When a vehicle hits a person, the chances that the person sustains severe and long-lasting injuries are far greater. Learn what you can do about pedestrian accidents by contacting a Clearwater pedestrian accident lawyer.

Injuries in Pedestrian Accidents

Because pedestrians are not protected by anything when an impact occurs, injuries are normally severe. There are a lot of broken bones, a lot of soft tissue problems, and a lot of internal bleeding. Many times, head trauma may also include traumatic brain injury. These are common injuries in a Clearwater pedestrian accident.

Pedestrian accidents typically involve individuals that are struck by cars either because the pedestrian is crossing at an inappropriate place outside of intersection or a vehicle drive does not see a pedestrian and hits them while they are driving.

Bicycles and Pedestrian Accidents

A bicyclist, while on their bicycle crossing an intersection or walking their bicycle, are considered pedestrians. When a person is on their bicycle in traffic, the person is not considered a pedestrian because the person is operating a vehicle. Even though that vehicle is not a motor vehicle, the person is obliged to follow the rules of the road when they are on that bicycle.

Children Involved in Pedestrian Accidents

Children are the most susceptible to pedestrian accidents because they are more likely to cross streets without looking and they are small enough for a driver to miss. Oftentimes, while they are playing, they lose track of where they are and run into the street and impacted by automobiles.

Child-related pedestrian accidents are of a different standard than adult cases, depending on the age of the child. While an adult may be obligated to act reasonably and to ensure their own safety, a child may not have that same faculty about them. Therefore, the question then falls on the driver as to whether it was reasonable for them to be operating in an area where children are present. Clearwater pedestrian accident causes are sometimes dependent on the driver behavior, especially when children are involved.

Other Aspects that Impact Pedestrian Accidents

Tourists, being unfamiliar in a new area, have a tendency to cause drivers to become frustrated. Therefore, they are at a higher risk of either being hit or causing a car to hit them. Weather can also affect pedestrian accidents because of reduced visibility. The elderly, often slower than other pedestrians, can also cause drivers to become frustrated. For more information on Clearwater pedestrian accident causes, contact a professional attorney today.

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