As you probably know, there is a legal distinction between murders based on the level of intent behind the killing. Sometimes, death occurs not because someone is actively trying to cause them harm, but rather because someone is not exercising the proper care to prevent that death.

These cases are called “depraved heart murders,” a term which describes death caused by gross negligence which stems from a seemingly pathological disregard for human life.

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Examples of Depraved Heart Murders

Depraved heart murders can be tried by the state as crimes (usually either second-degree murder or first-degree homicide), but they can also be simultaneously tried as a civil lawsuit. If someone close to you was killed due to the gross negligence of someone else, you can take the responsible party to court and seek financial compensation.

To better understand depraved heart murders, consider the following example. Imagine that someone is riding his bike to the far right of the road, as per the law. Meanwhile, a reckless driver illegally passes a car to the right, speeding onto the road’s shoulder. This driver strikes and kills the bicyclist. Although the driver did not intentionally kill the biker, his negligence and failure to follow the law mean that he could be sued for a depraved heart murder.

Filing a Claim

Although it is most commonly associated with criminal court, murder cases can be held in civil courts as well. There are requirements for someone who wants to sue a suspected murderer in a civil court. Most fundamentally, the plaintiff suing the accused murderer has to have been damaged in some way by the accused murderer’s supposed actions.

Specifically, the plaintiff had to have had strong relations with the individual the alleged murderer killed. Only the government can sue alleged murderers on behalf of the public good; regular citizens cannot.

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