Biking can be a fun pastime and is a great way to stay healthy. However, even a minor collision or mishap while riding a bicycle can result in potentially long-term injuries. The number of bicyclists in Florida is growing every year and shows no signs of decreasing.

Anyone involved in any type of bicycle accident should contact a distinguished personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. A Holiday bicycle accident lawyer can review your claim to see if there is a legal case to make to be compensated for their pain and suffering.

Exercising Caution on the Roads

It is always advised that bicyclists exercise extreme caution while navigating the roads. A bicyclist is extremely vulnerable and can suffer horrible injuries if thrown off of the bike. In addition to paying attention to motor vehicle drivers, bicyclists must look out for pedestrians and other bicyclists.

Poor weather conditions can cause a bicyclist to slip or skid when performing a quick evasive maneuver. Unlike cars and trucks, the tires on a bicycle are not as wide and therefore cannot provide the same traction. If possible, a bicyclist should avoid biking during poor weather conditions.

Sidewalk Bicycling

Bicycling on a sidewalk is generally ill-advised. The bicyclist may face a sudden obstruction, such as a crack in the sidewalk that may cause them to go flying off of their bike. The bicyclist also has to look out for pedestrians and predict their movements as they approach from behind. Pedestrians these days rarely pay attention to their surroundings because they are glued to their cell phones and tablets.

Sidewalk bicycling can also be somewhat inefficient. The constant swerving and braking to avoid colliding with pedestrians can actually slow down the commute of a bicyclist. Bike lanes seem like the better option. Anyone who is unsure or has experienced an accident like this, should speak with a Holiday bicycle accident lawyer regarding the specifics of the incident.

Common Injuries

Bicycle injuries can be catastrophic and Florida is one of the top five states in the U.S. where a bicyclist is likely to be involved in an accident. It is important that every bicyclist exercise due care and wear protective gear. A Holiday bicycle accident lawyer will be able to assist with gathering the necessary documentation.

Examples of common injuries arising from bicycle-related accidents include:

  • Severe head trauma
  • Concussion
  • Fractured Skull
  • Broken Bones
  • Bumps, bruises, and lacerations
  • Spinal cord or neck injury
  • Death
  • Paralysis
  • Teeth injuries
  • Jaw fracture
  • Internal bleeding

In some severe circumstances, bicyclists involved in a serious or near-fatal accident have been found to demonstrate symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). All of these injuries are worthy of compensation, so long as they can be sufficiently proven (via medical bills, pictures, and other evidence).

Seeking an Attorney

If you have been involved in a bicycle-related accident in Holiday or the surrounding areas, contact a bicycle accident injury attorney as soon as possible. Personal injury cases are generally taken on a contingency basis, meaning that the law firm does not charge a client any money unless a favorable result is obtained. Experienced Holiday bicycle accident lawyers are happy to evaluate your case.

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