Anyone who has suffered an injury that is so severe that the quality of life is forever changed has endured a catastrophic injury. A Holiday catastrophic injury lawyer is well-aware of the devastation a person goes through, the rough financial times ahead, and is committed to achieving damages to pay for all associated costs, financial and emotional.

Get started on the road to financial stability and emotional recovery by taking consulting a skilled catastrophic injury attorney. Your lawyer can listen to what, and how, the injury happened, ask questions, and evaluate your case.

Catastrophic Injury Defined

The law in Florida defines a catastrophic injury to be a permanent impairment. The impairment can range from losing fingers to hearing loss. Some impairments can change the ability of people to fend for themselves, such as blindness, brain damage, and a severed spinal cord. Other impairments are amputations, prosthetics, transplants, third-degree injuries leaving scar tissue and worse, damage to internal organs, and loss of hearing.

Physical Injuries and Financial Losses

A person who is catastrophically injured will have tremendous expenses to care for the injury and its aftermath. These include surgeries, medical care, hospitalization, therapeutic treatments and their associated equipment. There may be costs to remodel the home, such as for wheelchair access, as well as long-term care or living assistance. People who are catastrophically injured may not be able to work for months, or perhaps never again. Some may not be able to return to their chosen careers and be forced to retrain for other endeavors.

The law allows people who are injured to recover damages by filing a lawsuit against the party who caused the injury. A Holiday catastrophic lawyer can calculate all of the occurring damages as well as estimating and claiming future costs.

In an unexpected event such as an automobile wreck or a workplace accident, the toll on emotions can be powerful. Depression, denial, fear, and a range of other emotional trauma and mental anguish. It is hard to put a dollar figure on those harms.

Comparative Negligence

In order to win a case, a Holiday catastrophic injury lawyer must prove that the person or business caused the harmful event by a negligent act.

Negligence is defined in law by failing to treat others with care, and that failure caused the harmful event to happen, the event caused the injury, and actual damages resulted. Each of these points must be proven to have a successful case.

However, Florida’s comparative negligence law holds everyone who has some blame in causing the event that resulted in injury financially responsible by the percentage of fault they have. So, if the catastrophically injured person was 15 percent responsible, only 85 percent of the damages may be awarded.

Talking to a Holiday Catastrophic Injury Attorney

If you or a loved one have suffered a catastrophic injury due to someone else’s negligence,  do not hesitate to contact a Holiday catastrophic injury lawyer. But there is limited time to file a lawsuit. In Florida, personal injury cases have just four years from the date of the injury to file. If the defendant is a state, county, or municipal government, the time limit is reduced to three years. Missing the deadline will prevent the injured person from ever suing for the catastrophic injury. The best thing to do is promptly seek the services of an experienced legal advocate who can look at all the aspects of your case and help you decide the best path forward.

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