Even in a municipality named for vacation time, workers in Holiday, Florida are concerned about making sure they are being paid fairly for the hard work they put in each day.

If you have questions about whether your hourly wages are adequate and follow required guidelines, your experienced Holiday wage and hour lawyer can help by analyzing your pay records, work history, and relevant laws. An experienced personal injury attorney in Holiday can build a case to help produce a successful outcome on your behalf.

Influential Factors

There are many factors that can impact a wage and hour dispute, including employer misconduct. Unfortunately, some employers try to cut corners at the expense of their workers.

Experienced Holiday attorneys who deal with wage and hour disputes have seen all manners of employer misconduct, from refusing overtime pay, to purposefully miscalculating hours worked, to exploiting child labor.

State and Federal Laws

The government has an interest in protecting workers from employers’ negative actions, at both the federal and state levels. When state law does not adequately address an issue related to wages and hours worked, the federal law generally governs the issue. The federal law dealing with hour and wage disputes is called the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Common Legal Matters

Wage and hour attorneys in Holiday handle a number of different labor matters. Some of the most common issues workers experience are related to minimum wage and overtime.

Other common labor disputes include but are not limited to: child labor, vacation time, sick leave, voting and jury duty leave, tips, and tip pooling.

Minimum Wage Requirements

Florida minimum wage is set at $8.10, according to Florida law. Each year, the state calculates a new minimum wage rate based on the federal price index for urban wage earners in the region, for the previous 12 month period. This means that workers’ wages may change each year.

If a wage earner’s pay remains the same year after year, it is possible that the employer has not updated the required wages in compliance with the current law. An experienced Holiday wage and hour attorney can examine an employee’s pay rate and determine whether it is adequate and fair.

The federal minimum wage is currently set at $7.25, and Florida employers must also meet this requirement. However, since Florida minimum wage is higher than the federal minimum wage, there typically is not much conflict between the two guidelines. Florida law takes precedence.

Overtime Requirements and Exemptions

Florida legislators have chosen to allow the federal overtime guidelines to govern in the state by not enacting any of their own overtime laws.

Certain groups of employees are exempt under Florida overtime law. This means that employers do not need to pay these types of workers any premium pay when they work extra hours. Most of these exemptions deal with salaried workers, such as professional employees, salespeople, administrative and technology employees.

Contact a Holiday Wage and Hour Attorney

Each labor dispute regarding wages and hours worked is unique, and you will need a skilled Holiday hour and wage attorney to review your concerns to determine whether you may have a valid claim against your employer.

The sooner you can begin working with your experienced wage and hour lawyer in Holiday the better they will be able to protect your rights as a worker.

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