If a member of your family passed due to another’s negligence, the grief and anger may feel overwhelming. However, there are ways to hold that negligent party accountable.

Winning a wrongful death lawsuit not only gets you the compensation you and your family deserve, but also sends a message that carelessness that leads to lethal consequences will not be tolerated.

Laws governing wrongful death lawsuits are complex. A person may still be dealing with grief and shock, but must also keep in mind that wrongful death cases must be filed within a specific time period, or you risk losing your right to win damages. A Holiday wrongful death attorney can best help an individual understand the statute of limitations surrounding the case.

A knowledgeable lawyer will know how to win a wrongful death case. A Holiday personal injury attorney will listen to your story, track down the important evidence you will need to make your case, and then get you the settlement or jury verdict that you deserve.

Types of Damages

If the deceased individual was the breadwinner for a family, then the entire family could face a loss of income and a reduced quality of life.

Even if part of the loss is covered by insurance, the payout often is insufficient to keep the family at the level it was at before the tragedy.

Another type of damages is the loss of consortium – being deprived of the love and companionship that an individual had with their lost family member. Courts will award damages to compensate loved ones for the psychological pain they have endured.

Medical expenses incurred toward the end of the deceased person’s life may also be part of the award. Funeral costs, which can easily run into thousands of dollars, are another type of damages. A knowledgeable wrongful death lawyer in Holiday can help an individual recover any damages they may be entitled to.

Proving Negligence

If a person is not as careful as a reasonable person would have been in that situation, that individual can be found negligent in a civil case. Some examples include:

  • Automobile accidents – Thousands of Americans are killed every year on America’s highways. Sometimes the cause is a drunk driver. In other cases, the other driver was simply driving recklessly.
  • Medical malpractice – Medical professionals are highly trained experts, and people trust them with their lives. When they fail to meet the accepted standards of performance in their field, they can be held accountable.
  • Premises liability – Uneven sidewalks and improperly maintained stairwells can lead to slip and fall accidents that can cause traumatic brain injuries, which are often deadly.
  • Unsafe products – Products that you buy in stores are held to a strict liability standard. If a consumer was using the product the way it was supposed to be used but still suffered a fatal injury, the seller of the product can and should be held accountable.

Importance of Evidence

While it may be painful to go over the facts that led to a loved one’s death, compiling evidence about the event is critical. This includes medical reports, photographs of the accident scene, eyewitness testimony. An experienced Holiday wrongful death attorney can help an individual understand the evidence present in their wrongful death case.

Benefit of a Holiday Wrongful Death Attorney

An experienced wrongful death lawyer in Holiday will have a strong track record of holding negligent individuals and companies accountable when they fail to meet the standards of care that the law imposes.

A Holiday wrongful death attorney will listen to your story with sympathy and respect, and will then gather all the information needed about the accident and its aftermath so that they can make the strongest possible case on your behalf.

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