An older person in a nursing home or an assisted living facility is very vulnerable. Nursing home personnel are liable for malpractice if the care they gave fails to meet the accepted standards of care and diligence in their industry. Their family members should be able to trust that they will get the care and respect they deserve, but that is not always true.

If you believe you or your loved one was the target of nursing home negligence or abuse, you may need an experienced attorney who could guide you through the process. A Palm Harbor nursing home abuse lawyer may be able to provide you with assistance.

Telltale Signs of Nursing Home Abuse in Palm Harbor

Certain things may indicate a loved one in a nursing home is not receiving the care they should, including:

  • Bedsores
  • Bruises, broken bones or other injuries
  • Mysterious weight loss
  • Signs of psychological harm
  • Depression or listlessness
  • Unusual increase in the amount or kinds of drugs the resident is taking

Bedsores are a common issue, as large numbers of residents of nursing homes or assisted living facilities have limited mobility and must remain in bed for long periods of time. In these cases, the caregivers must make sure the residents move around enough during the day so that they do not develop sores.

Concerned individuals should contact a Palm Harbor nursing home abuse lawyer to learn more about the telltale signs of nursing home abuse.

What Qualifies as Abuse or Neglect?

Caring for the elderly and chronically ill can be stressful, particularly if they have symptoms of dementia. But it is the responsibility of all licensed nursing homes and assisted living facilities to hire individuals with training to handle all the patients they might encounter. Medical staff should not resort to abuse and cruelty.

If one discovers that their family member suffered such treatment, a lawsuit for damages may be the best way to hold them accountable. As society increasingly recognizes nursing home abuse as a serious problem, the federal government and many state governments have passed laws setting standards for such facilities.

There are specific regulations barring nursing home staff from using restraints on any resident, locking a resident in a room inside the facility, or providing sedatives to a resident unless a physician prescribed that sedative to that resident for specific symptoms. To learn more about what qualifies as abuse or neglect, contact a Palm Harbor nursing home abuse lawyer.

Stealing Valuables in Nursing Homes

Another problem that often occurs in nursing homes is theft of the residents’ personal property. An employee of such a facility should not be handling a patient’s money without a written request. A facility must keep a complete record of all money deposited with them.

If any employee of the nursing home believes a resident suffered abuse, neglection, isolation or exploitation, the employee must report these concerns to the senior staff of the facility immediately.

How a Palm Harbor Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Could Help

If family members are suspicious that some sort of abuse is going on, it may be important speak with a Palm Harbor nursing home lawyer right away, so that the lawyers could start looking for the evidence they may need to make the case.

If your loved ones suffered this kind of treatment, you may want to speak with experienced attorneys who understand the relevant law, and who could know how to prove that a nursing home has not met the standard of care that residents and their family members expect. Call a Palm Harbor nursing home abuse lawyer today for a free consultation.

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