Many of those that suffer from a personal injury are unsure if their personal situation is applicable for a lawsuit. Some worry too much time has passed since they have become injured or that the current injury is a result of an event that happened several years (or even decades) ago.

Luckily, though, most situations can qualify for a personal injury lawsuit. An experienced Pasco County personal injury attorney can help you answer more questions and get your claim started.

If you have been injured in Pasco County, you might be wondering if the injury you sustained qualifies you to seek compensation. Whether your injury is due to a fall, a car accident, an injury or illness due to a defective product, personal injury lawyers in Pasco County can help you with your claim.

What Qualifies as a Personal Injury

Some of the most common personal injury lawsuits include road accident injury, work accident injury, injury in another person’s home, injury on a cruise ship, and product defect injury.

A product defect injury is an injury that is the result of improper product manufacturing. For example, if a battery-powered toy is improperly wired and thus becomes overheated, burning someone, then they would absolutely want to seek a personal injury lawyer in Pasco County.

Another example of product defect includes food product that is improperly prepared and inadvertently causes someone to become sick. While this kind of lawsuit can be trickier, it is still important for them to talk to a Pasco County personal injury lawyer.

Another type of injury that is often overlooked is when the injury or damage occurs well after the event. An example of this is when a constructor was installing tiles with asbestos decades ago under the instruction of their supervisor. After years and years of handling tiles with asbestos, the constructor now has expensive medical bills. This type of injury still typically qualifies for a personal injury lawsuit.

It is also imperative to keep in mind that not all personal injury is visible. Someone can also suffer great traumatic distress, that causes them to alter your lifestyle (at a cost) or even seek professional help (also a cost).

Method of Confirming

In some cases, someone could stack physical personal injury with emotional distress personal injury for a strong case. If someone is still unsure if their personal injury qualifies for a lawsuit they would need to confirm a few qualifying factors.

  • If someone, other than the injured person, had a duty to prevent the event or action
  • If that person, party, or company failed to comply with that duty
  • If this failure results in their becoming injured or harmed
  • If their injury or harm required attention that had monetary expenses

How an Attorney Can Help

If a person feels that their situation likely qualifies for a personal injury lawsuit, they would benefit from speaking speak with a personal injury lawyer in Pasco County to get their personal injury claim started.

A Pasco County personal injury attorney can help a person ensure that they are taking the steps they need to in order to work toward the best result possible in their case.

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