Slip and falls can happen anywhere. Whether at a grocery store, shopping mall, or amusement park, falls can result in serious injuries. While some accidents can be chalked up to clumsiness, other slip and falls can be traced directly back to the negligence of the property owner. When this occurs, you may be entitled to compensation.

A Sarasota slip and fall lawyer can help you understand whether you have reason to file a claim. If you have a viable case, a dedicated attorney can be an important ally in the face of an impending legal fight.

Determining Liability in a Slip and Fall

To recover damages, a Sarasota slip and fall attorney may need to prove that a property manager was indeed negligent and that their actions (or inactions) led directly to the injuries of the individual. To show this, an experienced lawyer may need evidence that:

  • The property owner had a duty to protect guests and visitors from hazards
  • They knew about the hazard and did nothing to warn or prevent an accident
  • The hazard caused the injuries

Because premises liability accidents can happen in a variety of ways, slip and fall claims are not always straightforward. For example, if a store owner fails to warn customers of a recently mopped floor, they can be held liable for damages when a person slips and hurts themselves. On the other hand, a homeowner may not be liable for the losses caused by a slip and fall if they warned their visitors to watch out for an icy driveway. Every case is different, which is why anyone suffering from injuries sustained in a slip and fall should contact a well-versed Sarasota slip and fall lawyer for guidance.

Recoverable Damages

If the injured party can prove that a property owner’s negligence led to their injuries, they may be entitled to compensation for their damages. Many individuals need expensive medical treatment after suffering an injury, but a slip and fall lawsuit can help recover the costs of such care. Similarly, when someone needs time off work to recuperate, the salary they miss while absent may be included in the settlement.

Non-economic damages may also be considered when a person files a premises liability or slip and fall lawsuit. The pain and suffering experienced by the injured party and the emotional trauma endured in the accident and in the aftermath may all be compensable. A Sarasota slip and fall lawyer can help those injured by another’s negligence total up the true cost of their injuries and hold the person responsible for the accident liable.

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Slip and falls can be embarrassing at the moment, but they can also cause serious injuries. Furthermore, when they are the result of a property owner’s negligence, you may be able to seek compensation to cover the costs related to your injuries.

Contact a Sarasota slip and fall lawyer today to begin reviewing your potential claim with a knowledgeable attorney. Your consultation is free of charge and completely confidential, giving you no reason not to consider your legal options.

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