Spinal cord injuries have traumatic repercussions, like leaving a person unable to walk for the rest of their life. Even if the damage to the spinal cord is not that severe, it can limit mobility and leave someone in constant pain.

If you or a loved one have suffered a spinal cord injury due to someone else’s negligence, it is strongly recommended that you discuss your situation with an experienced St. Petersburg spinal cord injury attorney who can assist you in filing an injury claim and get the compensation you deserve.

How Spinal Cord Injuries Happen

Damage to the spinal cord can happen in many situations. The two most common are being in a motor vehicle that is involved in a high-speed collision, and diving into a swimming pool or a pond and hitting your head on the bottom.

Other potential causes of spinal cord injuries include medical malpractice, gunshot wounds, slip-and-fall incidents, building collapses, and workplace accidents.

The medical care that individuals need after spinal cord injuries can be expensive. Sometimes skilled surgeons can restore some or all functioning of the spinal cord, but such operations are costly and not always fully covered by insurance.

In many cases, unfortunately, the injury is beyond repair. This means that the victim of the accident may be left a paraplegic or quadriplegic. The cost of the medical care and rehabilitation required by a person in this situation be overwhelming.

Road Accidents

If the injury suffered by you or a loved one was caused on the road by another driver’s negligence, you will find yourself battling insurance company lawyers who will pull out all the stops to avoid paying the high costs associated with spinal cord injuries. That is when you will really need an experienced spinal cord injury lawyer in St. Petersburg by your side.

Or perhaps the accident was caused by a flaw in your own vehicle – failure to brake adequately, or out of control acceleration. In such cases, you can hold the manufacturer of the vehicle “strictly liable,” which means you can win damages without a specific showing of negligence.

Swimming Pool Tragedies

As noted above, one tragically common cause of spinal cord injuries is striking one’s head on the bottom of a swimming pool. Many people who suffer such injuries spend the rest of their lives using wheelchairs.

Anyone who operates a pool, whether public or private, has a duty to clearly mark the depth of the various levels of the pool so these kinds of terrible injuries do not occur. Pool owners are required to take all reasonable steps to maintain and repair the pool so that invitees are not injured. A spinal cord injury lawyer in

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In any personal injury case, thorough medical examinations are necessary, especially when the damage is potentially life-changing. You must be prepared to offer documentation of how your life has changed – not just the medical costs themselves, but the effect on your mobility, your ability to interact with loved ones, your capacity to pursue your career, and your general enjoyment of life.

After such a devastating injury, you may feel overwhelmed. A St. Petersburg spinal cord injury attorney has the experience and training to give you valuable advice, gather evidence on your behalf and build the strongest possible case so you can get justice.

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