If someone is involved in a motorcycle accident in St. Petersburg and they are physically able to do so, they should take pictures of the accident scene so there is documentation of what happened. However, if the motorcyclist has severe injuries, the most important thing to do is to seek medical attention. Regardless of whether or not anybody was injured in the accident they need to call 911.

That will call law enforcement who can investigate who was at fault for the accident and what may have caused the accident. It is also important to make a statement to law enforcement and to preserve the motorcycle. This will aid an attorney in figuring out exactly what happened that day if she or he is unable to get testimony from the victim.

Hiring a St. Petersburg motorcycle accident lawyer helps tremendously when filing a claim with the insurance company. The attorney will ensure that directives are given about preserving specific evidence so that it is not inadvertently discarded or taken control of by the insurance company before the victim has an opportunity to be heard. A person should contact an attorney as early as they are physically able to. The earlier that a person hires an attorney in the case increases the chances that the attorney is able to affect the case positively.

Advantage of an Attorney

An attorney can be an intermediary between the victim and the insurance company and the medical billing and records process. An attorney is great at handling the conversations that a person does not want to have and when they may not be able to represent themselves effectively. Insurances companies may try to take advantage of those that do not have attorneys, so it is best to allow an attorney to deal with them. Additionally, an attorney can sympathize, analyze, and streamline all of the medical records and bills that accrue as a victim is treated in a motorcycle accident case.

Someone trying to handle a motorcycle accident case themselves can miss an opportunity to protect their rights or they forget or are unaware of important factors in the process. Additionally, people that represent themselves often settle the case before they realize the extent of their injuries.

It is important to note that a person cannot go back for an additional settlement, even when additional problems arose after the settlement was agreed upon, because they already signed away their right.

Advice for After the Accident

Primarily, make sure that you are treated properly and understands the extent of the injuries. Second,  get a lawyer to handle the case for you because they will do all of the things that you do not want to, like dealing with insurance companies.

Finally, seek treatment until you are as healthy as you are going to get and the doctor releases you. Once the case is settled, there will not be an opportunity for an additional settlement if you realize that your injuries are more severe later.

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