Common injuries in St. Petersburg motorcycle accidents are broken bones and traumatic brain injuries. These occur because there is no protection from the car hitting your person. Additionally, traumatic brain injuries occur in motorcycle accidents because a large percentage of people do not wear proper helmets, or the impact is just so severe that TBI occurs, despite the helmet. Additionally, there is more bruising, scratches, and cuts that occur as your body makes contact with more objects that a person is unlikely to come into contact with in regular automobile accident.

An injury can be aggravated  if a person is not wearing a helmet or property safety gear.

If you have been injured in a St. Petersburg motorcycle accident due to another person’s negligence, contact an experienced attorney today to see if you can regain financial compensation for the medical bills and pain and suffering they caused.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

A traumatic brain injury is a complex injury to the brain that has a broad spectrum of symptoms and disabilities that can be caused. Traumatic brain injuries are often caused by motorcycle accidents in St. Petersburg and the wide range of symptoms can include a loss of cognitive function, swelling in the brain, or a loss of the ability to speak or to eat.

A traumatic brain injury can occur during motorcycle accidents, even more commonly than in an automobile accident. This is because motorcycles lack the safety measures that are required in cars, such as airbags. If a person is riding a motorcycle, they have no protections around their body, which can cause their head to impact another object during an accident at a greater rate than in automobile accidents.

Broken Bones

Broken bones are common in motorcycle accidents because when a person gets hit by a car on a motorcycle, the car will impact with motorcyclist’s legs and body. That makes it easier to suffer a broken bone than if a car hits the door or the trunk of another car.

After the initial impact, the motorcycle can tip over on its side, hit another car, hit a wall, a telephone pole, or other things of that nature. The motorcycle may even land on the motorcyclist, which can also cause a lot of broken bones.

Severe Impact

When the broken bones are severe, plates and screws may have to be inserted in a person’s body and many things can go wrong. When a person has a severe injury, it can require multiple surgeries and the victim can have infections at the site where the foreign object entered the person’s body or at other the surgery site .

If the victim has a compound fracture and bone protrudes through the skin, the bone could be stripped of blood vessels that can cause parts of the bone to die. If that occurs, the bone would have to be removed from the victim’s body.

Other Injuries

In addition to broken bones and traumatic brain injuries, people can suffer torn rotator cuffs following motorcycle accidents. There may also be severe neck and back injuries as a result of a motorcycle accident. When a car hits a person directly, it can cause whiplash,  disc herniation, and disc bulges, all of which may cause pain and suffering or necessitate back surgeries, including fusions or disc decompression surgeries, which can take a toll on a person’s life.

Motorcycle accidents are commonly more serious than car accidents because the safety measures and protections in cars are not available on motorcycles.

Substantial Long Term Consequences

Traumatic brain injuries have the most long-lasting consequences because they can affect a person’s ability to function in their day-to-day life. Additionally, soft tissue injuries in the neck and back can affect a person’s ability to sleep. They can affect his or her ability to work or ride a motorcycle again.

Also, if there are any complications with a broken bone, that can affect a person’s ability to move. In the future, a person can develop arthritis around those broken bones and additional issues can arise if a plate or screw is needed to set broken bones.

Doctors respond to patients with injuries caused by a motorcycle accident in St. Petersburg as if it is a traumatic event because they know how dangerous motorcycles could be, especially if the person was not wearing a helmet.

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