Pedestrian accidents are some of the most common types of accidents occurring in Florida, and can result in serious injuries or fatalities. Unfortunately, the simple act of crossing the street in Florida can be extremely dangerous, especially in popular tourist spots where drivers are unfamiliar with the area. Many fatal accidents occur each year as a result of distracted or reckless driving.

If you were injured by a negligent or reckless driver, the law may entitle you to recover substantial sums from the person responsible. An experienced St. Petersburg pedestrian accident lawyer will help you determine exactly what legal remedies are available to you, and will assist you in building the best possible case to maximize your chances of recovering damages for your injury. Call today to discuss your case with an injury lawyer in St. Petersburg and begin your road to recovery.

How An Attorney Can Help

Obtaining an attorney who understands all the relevant laws affecting pedestrian accident claims will allow you to focus on your own recovery, knowing your case is in good hands.

In Florida, both drivers and pedestrians have an equal responsibility to prevent pedestrian accidents by being mindful of those who are sharing the road. Pedestrian accident claims often involve a determination of fault, which can be an extremely complicated process. You may be required to present evidence showing the exact circumstances of how your injury occurred.

Victims of pedestrian accidents often find themselves dealing with drivers’ insurance companies, whose sophisticated lawyers often take advantage of inexperienced plaintiffs without legal representation.

If you were injured by a person driving a car, truck, or motorcycle while you were walking on foot, you should contact a St. Petersburg attorney with experience bringing pedestrian accidents claims as soon as possible.

There are many laws in Florida relating to both drivers and pedestrians that may affect your right to recover for your injuries. Contacting an attorney to discuss your case as quickly as possible after your accident will maximize your chances of recovery.

Rules Pedestrians Must Abide By

Many of the laws applying to claims brought for pedestrian accidents can be found in Title XXIII, Chapter 316, Florida Statutes. There are numerous regulations that pedestrians are expected to abide by at all times, although many people are unaware of these rules.

For example, Florida law requires that pedestrians always use sidewalks when they are available, and that people on foot allow vehicles to have the right of way outside of clearly marked pedestrian crosswalks. Pedestrians, like drivers, are also required to obey all traffic signals.

Because there are legal requirements governing the actions of pedestrians as well as drivers in Florida, a court will not automatically assume the driver of the vehicle was at fault when a pedestrian accident occurs. Depending on the specific circumstances of your accident, you may need to explain your actions at the time that the accident took place.

If you are considering bringing a claim to recover for your injuries in St. Petersburg, it is imperative that you obtain the assistance of a personal injury lawyer.

An experienced pedestrian injury attorney in St. Petersburg will help you prepare all the necessary evidence of the circumstances surrounding your accident, and can help you understand the different ways in which your claim may be affected under the law to ensure you are fully prepared when you go to court.

Recovery Available for Pedestrian Accidents

Drivers of any type of motor vehicle in Florida are always required to exercise due care, meaning they must be alert and act responsibly while behind the wheel to prevent accidents.

Unfortunately, accidents due to distracted or reckless driving are becoming increasingly common, and pedestrians typically sustain for more serious injuries than drivers when accidents occur. If it is determined that the driver was violating the law when a pedestrian accident occurred, they will be liable to their victim for the damages their actions caused.

Victims of pedestrian accidents may seek to recover not only compensatory damages, such as medical expenses and lost wages, but also intangible damages they have suffered as a result of the accident. Intangible, or non-economic damages, may include monetary amounts for pain and suffering, disability, loss of enjoyment of life, or disfigurement.

However, in order for a judge to determine that the driver of the motor vehicle was legally liable for these damages, you will have to prove that your accident was a result of the driver’s failure to exercise due care.

When bringing a claim to recover for a pedestrian accident, you must be prepared to answer specific questions such as who had the right of way at the time of the accident, and whether or not the driver of the vehicle was abiding by all the applicable rules and regulations when the accident occurred.

A St. Petersburg pedestrian accident attorney can help you examine the circumstances of your accident with all the applicable laws in mind to help prepare answers to these important questions, and will assist you in presenting your claim in a way that maximizes your chances of recovery.

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