A traumatic brain injury is an injury to the brain that is caused by some sort of traumatic event, like an injury or an accident.

The most prominent cause of a traumatic brain injury is probably automobile or motorcycle accidents, although industrial accidents, slip and fall accidents, and other types of negligence cause people to have injuries to their head that result in brain injuries as well. With this in mind, if you have suffered a brain injury, consult with a Tampa brain injury attorney to learn more about financial compensation and what you may be entitled to for your injury.


Symptoms of many types of traumatic brain injuries in Tampa can be loss of memory or amnesia, the inability of the brain to control bodily function, the loss of the ability to communicate, or the loss of the ability to make cognitive decisions. In some circumstances, a traumatic brain injury can lead to a coma or an individual’s inability to maintain consciousness.

Resulting Conditions

Traumatic brain injury sometimes leads to things like physical atrophy in situations where the injured person is unable to utilize their muscles for extended periods of time. They can lead to psychological disorders, sometimes requiring psychiatric care. All types of traumatic brain injuries in Tampa can have lasting effects on a person’s ability to function in their daily life and to earn a living.

Psychological conditions resulting from a traumatic brain injury can vary from something as common as depression to something as severe as having seizures, or epileptic events. Further, neurological conditions in many types of traumatic brain injuries in Tampa can limit an individual’s ability to control parts of their body or to process information like they could before they were injured.

Treatment for many types of traumatic brain injuries that occur in Tampa can include psychiatric care or psychological monitoring, medication, and even surgical intervention, depending on the diagnosis and the recommendations of medical professionals.

Primary vs. Secondary Injuries

Primary traumatic brain injuries are injuries where the primary injury itself is trauma to the brain. Secondary traumatic brain injuries occur when another injury results in damage to the brain. For example, losing a lot of blood or oxygen can result in a brain injury, even if the initial injury was not head trauma. Trauma in all types of traumatic brain injuries in Tampa means injury to the body that is either serious or life-threatening.

Medical staff will refer to brain injuries in different categories based on the loss of ability, and whether the injury has a specific classification within the subset.

Understanding the Injury

It is important for patients to understand the extent of their conditions associated with their  brain injury, so they understand what is required of them in treatment and how their injuries are going to affect their life in the future. It is impossible to coordinate an appropriate settlement if a person does not understand their diagnosis and its long-term implications.

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