Suing a nursing home for abuse or neglect is important primarily for two reasons. One reason is that the injured party will be compensated for any damages suffered. The other reason is to help enforce proper industry practices for how assisted living facilities provide care for the elderly.

A compassionate Tarpon Springs personal injury lawyer can help you build your case for any harm and damages you or a loved one may have experienced. Contact a Tarpon Springs nursing home abuse lawyer today to assist you in filing an injury claim to hold the negligent party responsible.

Establishing Liability in a Nursing Home Abuse Case

The individual or entity who was responsible for providing care for the injured victim can be sued if they behaved negligently or recklessly in providing care.  Here are a few people who can be found responsible:

  • An individual who is providing care on their behalf
  • A hospital
  • An assisted living facility (i.e. nursing home)
  • In some circumstances, an employee of a hospital or assisted living facility if they were acting outside the scope of their employment

Lawsuits involving nursing homes facilities or hospital in Tarpon Springs can be somewhat complex and involve a number of different parties. A Tarpon Springs nursing home abuse attorney experienced in litigating these sorts of lawsuits will be able to determine to the potentially liable parties are.

Types of Injuries

A Tarpon Springs nursing home abuse lawyer has seen a number of nursing home neglect and abuse cases. Many kinds of nursing home injuries resulting from things like:

  • Ulcers (typically bed sores)
  • Slips and Falls
  • Wrongful Death
  • Misdiagnosis or Failure to Diagnose
  • Physical Abuse
  • Mental Abuse
  • Malnutrition
  • Dehydration
  • Prescription Errors

Some of these injuries can go on for days and even months without anyone noticing. It is important to check up on loved ones in assisted living regularly to ensure that these injuries are not going overlooked.

Failure to Meet Standard of Care

The legal cause of action that gives rise to a nursing home abuse or neglect lawsuit in Tarpon Springs is referred to as negligence. Generally speaking, a care provider needs to exercise the same level of care that an ordinary care provider would under the same or similar circumstances.  Failure to meet the basic level of care is evidence of a party’s negligence.  Accordingly, the injured party will be eligible to receive damages for any injuries sustained as a result of the care provider’s negligence.  The injured party will need to demonstrate that the provider’s negligence caused the injuries.

The standard of care for Tarpon Springs assisted living facilities is usually determined on a jurisdictional basis. What is common practice in one state may not necessarily be the same practices used in another state. An experienced nursing home abuse attorney in Tarpon Springs who is familiar with nursing home lawsuits will be able to determine whether a particular care provided acted in a way that meets the standard of care typically used in that jurisdiction.

Hiring a Tarpon Springs Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

If you believe your loved one has been a victim of nursing home abuse or neglect, contact a Tarpon Springs nursing home abuse lawyers immediately.

Nursing home abuse lawyers have experience investigating and litigating nursing home lawsuits all throughout Florida and will fight to ensure that your loved one is reimbursed for any damages suffered due to a care provider’s actions.

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