Commercial truck accidents have increased as roads have become more congested. These crashes result in serious injuries and sometimes fatalities due to the size of many of these trucks.

Injured truck accident victims face a complicated process and complex laws when making a claim against a commercial truck. Determining who is liable, insurance issues and damages can feel confusing and overwhelming. Tarpon Springs truck accident attorneys can sort out your case and help you recover the compensation you deserve. If you have been in an accident, contact a skilled Tarpon Springs accident attorney today to begin your case.

Liable Parties

Tarpon Springs, Florida truck accident attorneys would first determine who is the responsible party for their client’s injuries. It could be one or more of the following:

  • Truck driver
  • Company that employs the truck driver
  • Company that owns the truck and/or trailer
  • Leasing company of the truck and/or trailer
  • Manufacturer of the truck and/or trailer

Difference to Car Accidents

Truck accident cases are different from car crash cases. There are a few reasons why, including:

  • Injuries and personal property damage are often greater than they are in other types of motor vehicle accidents
  • A business entity is often a potential defendant in addition to the driver of the truck
  • The type of data and evidence collected is unique
  • There are federal laws and regulations applicable to commercial trucks that do not apply to non-commercial vehicles
  • Commercial trucks subject to additional state laws and regulations not applicable to noncommercial vehicles under Florida Statute 316.302

Benefits of an Attorney

It is important to have a Tarpon Springs truck accident attorney working on their client’s case from the beginning. The type of evidence available is different. Commercial trucks usually are installed with a black box. This box collects important information regarding the truck. Additionally, truck drivers often are required to keep logs regarding the length of time in which they are driving and resting during each trip. The company and driver additionally will have maintenance and safety records that can be useful in someone’s case. A tractor-trailer accident attorney will know what evidence to obtain and how best to obtain such evidence.

Due to the size of the commercial trucks, types of cargo that are transported and the speeds at which the trucks travel, the injuries and property damage sustained is often greater. As a result, experts are often needed to testify regarding injuries and property damages to bring a successful claim.

Commercial truck drivers work for a company. The truck driver’s employer may lease the truck from a different company. The maintenance of the truck may be contracted out by yet another business. Thus, there is a possibility of having several defendants included in a claim. A tractor trailer attorney in Tarpon Springs will know the rules and procedures required to include a business entity in their claim. Different rules apply to commercial trucks. Commercial trucks must abide by both federal and state laws and regulations. An attorney will know which laws apply and how to navigate their client’s claim through these laws.

Contacting a Tarpon Springs Truck Accident Attorney

Tarpon Springs truck accident attorneys know the rules, statutes, and procedures that apply to these types of cases. They additionally can collect evidence that a non-attorney would not know to obtain, not be able to obtain, and/or not know how to obtain. Contact skilled tractor trailer accident attorneys to assist you in obtaining a fair recovery for your injuries.

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