Attorneys generally enter a person’s life when they are confused, frustrated, and overwhelmed. When that person has suffered a catastrophic injury, those feelings may be magnified and shared by the victim and their family.

When facing circumstances this dire, you deserve legal representation from an advocate who is compassionate, efficient, and can communicate effectively. If you have suffered a catastrophic injury, a Wesley Chapel catastrophic injury lawyer could provide you with the legal representation that you need.

What Qualifies as a Catastrophic Injury?

To constitute a catastrophic injury, the resulting condition must be extremely serious. While the injury does not have to be permanent, in most cases the severity of the injury may result in certain conditions or effects remaining permanently, such as scarring or a limp.

There are multiple methods in which an injured victim may suffer a catastrophic injury, including workplace accidents, car collisions, and retail store falls, among others. The types of injuries stemming from those accidents can also vary greatly.

Laws Regarding Liability in Catastrophic Injury Cases

Florida follows a comparative negligence standard in catastrophic injury cases, which allows injured victims to recover damages for injuries sustained because of another person’s negligence. This fault standard does not, however, prohibit the injured victim from recovering if they had some fault in the accident that led to their injury. Instead, their damage award would be reduced by the amount of fault that is attributable to them.

A proportional damage award also allows multiple people to be held liable for injuries when multiple parties are responsible for an injurious accident. Under the comparative fault standard, injured victims may recover for their injuries without being unjustly awarded damages. A Wesley Chapel catastrophic injury attorney could help individuals pursue damages for their injuries.

Common Types of Injuries

A spinal cord injury is one type of catastrophic injury that occurs when communication between the individual’s body and brain are blocked because of damage to the spinal cord. Not all spinal cord injuries result in paralysis, but they often impact the injured victim’s motor skills and reflexes, commonly to a permanent degree.

Amputation is another type of catastrophic injury, defined as the removal of a portion of or all of a limb or extremity. This generally occurs during a surgical procedure after a limb begins to die because blood does not flow to and through it properly. In some cases, however, an amputation can occur during a catastrophic accident.

Disfigurement, which occurs when an individual’s appearance is permanently and significantly altered, is a catastrophic injury. It may be the result of a chemical burn, fire, or scarring from an accident. Finally, injuries resulting in a victim’s death are also considered catastrophic injuries, although the legal approach to restitution differs somewhat compared to other catastrophic injuries.

How a Wesley Chapel Catastrophic Injury Attorney Can Help

Valuating claims, investigating the accident, and communicating with insurance companies are all necessary components of catastrophic injury cases, and are usually best handled by unbiased professionals who have successfully negotiated similar claims before.

Accordingly, an experienced Wesley Chapel catastrophic injury lawyer could help you achieve a positive outcome. Call today to schedule a consultation, and ensure your case is given the attention it deserves and your interests are protected.

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