Florida DUI Statistics

Florida DUI Statistics

The most recent year for which the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has released information is 2006.

In 2006, there were 256,200 crashes in the state of Florida. Of those accidents, 3,084 involved a fatality. Of those 3,084, 33% or 1007 involved alcohol in some way. 33% of the state’s 3,365 fatalities were linked to alcohol-related crashes.

Also in 2006, there were 214,914 injuries stemming from 137,282 injury accidents. 7% of both of those were related to alcohol. While these statistics may look bad, in 2002, 41% of all fatal accidents were alcohol-related. Really, things are getting better.

While most people think that a DUI can only extend to alcohol, it also includes drugs. In 2006, Florida experienced a number of crashes, both fatal and injury, that were drug-related.

There were 1,193 accidents in the state that were linked to drugs. Of those, there were 953 injuries that stemmed from the accidents. 202 people died in accidents that were drug related as well. This means that .4% of all accidents in Florida were tied to drugs. While that seems small, the injuries and fatalities are not.

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