Dangers of Fireworks

by Clearwater Personal Injury Lawyers Tragos & Sartes

Fireworks enthrall many people. From children to adults, people of all ages cannot help but look in wonder as fireworks explode. For many people, even more fun than watching fireworks is setting off fireworks for themselves. People cannot wait for July 4th or another celebratory day to come around, as it gives them an excuse to set of fireworks.

In their excitement, however, people unfortunately do not keep in the mind the dangers associated with fireworks. They do not realize that fireworks function on the same principle as guns or explosives: fire ignites a fuel or powder to create an explosion. As a result, fireworks can go horribly wrong in so many ways.

For one thing, when fireworks explode the surrounding area can catch fire, especially if the area is dry. A spark from the fireworks might fly into the air and land on the ground, igniting the fire. Consequently, people might get hurt and property may get damaged.

Another serious danger about fireworks is that the fireworks might malfunction. They may not explode the way they are supposed to and instead explore like a bomb. As a result, a fire may start and spread. Or, people standing nearby may be seriously injured as the explosion sends them flying or as they catch on fire.

It is important to realize that fireworks are not toys but are dangerous things and can even be considered weapons. That is why many cities across the United States have banned the use of fireworks.

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