Independent contractors are a different classification than an employee because an independent contractor usually works for more than one company or boss. They are not supplied a work truck, they are not necessarily supplied all the tools that they need for the job, but they are their own independent source of employment, oftentimes working for different companies.

They have different contract agreements with different companies and they are their own boss. An independent contractor has more freedom to negotiate contracts with other companies as opposed to an employee. A Tampa independent contractor lawyer can help you with fair wages. For more information, contact a professional attorney today.

Difference Between Independent Contractor and Employee

An independent contractor is usually a contractor or a worker that supplies their own equipment, materials, and tools. Also, an independent contractor can be fired at any time and they can leave work at any time. An independent contractor controls their own hours. Lastly, independent contractors are usually temporary workers. If there is confusion surrounding what the difference is, contact a Tampa independent contractor lawyer.

Rules for Wages and Hours

Independent contractors do not have the same protection as employees. Thus, they do not have the same Fair Labor Standard Act protections. An independent contractor usually has a written or oral contract that each side is bound to, and if one side or the other breaks that contract, then a person may have a breach of contract claim, in which case they will have to go to court where a Tampa independent contractor lawyer can help.

How Rules and Wages Differ with Independent Contractors

Independent contractors do not have the same protections for hours worked over 40 hours a week and they also do not have the same minimum wage protection. For instance, if a person gets a contract as an independent contractor to build a wall, they get paid a thousand dollars to build that wall and they work a thousand hours (which means they only got paid one dollar an hour), they have no recourse because they signed that independent contract.

They were paid for the work that was done according to the independent contractor. The scope of the work and the degree of the control over the work that the company has over either employer or independent contractor is what defines that relationship. A lot of employers will misclassify someone as an independent contractor when, in actuality, they are an employee in order to allow them to avoid paying overtime or a minimum wage.

Major Issues Regarding Wages and Hours

Many times, employers will misclassify an employee as an independent contractor in order to prevent them from being protected by the Fair Labor Standards Act. For instance, someone who works at their company every single day will be called an independent contractor to avoid complying with the Fair Labor Standards Act claim.

A Tampa independent contractor lawyer can help by proving that they are actually an employee, not an independent contractor. If they are successful in this claim, the employer has to pay all the attorney’s fees and costs, which usually makes the employer change their ways and they pay the employee the wages that they are owed. Call a Tampa independent contractor lawyer today to obtain fair hours and wages today.

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